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6 Le Hoang Yen

I went out of my dorm to grab breakfast on a Saturday morning. The breeze Blows lightly – Not hot, not cold. This week, we focused on one of the most famous poets of Edo Period, Matsuo Bashō, and his … Continue reading

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5 Le Hoang Yen

While I was riding in the car around New Hampshire, I looked out the window and saw the mountains. Mountains with snow spots, Connecting from one to another – Majesty.   As a move towards nationalistic ideology, Tokugawa period of … Continue reading

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4 Le Hoang Yen

The strong wind and snowfall hitting my face made it harder for me to walk downhill. The wind blew stronger, The snow grew heavier On a lonely walkway. For this week’s lecture, I found myself captivated by Japan’s immense value … Continue reading

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Walking back from Eaton Hall, I saw myriads of snow crystals along the pathway. The streetlights Sparkle the snow, Against the cold wind. After being introduced to the foundation of evanescence vs. form that Japanese culture has always been based … Continue reading

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3 Le Hoang Yen

I was stepping on deep snow that covered President’s Lawn on Snow Day.   Snowy hills, Crunching sound from each step; Sinking to my knee. This week’s lecture and readings focused on developing and expanding the three Buddhist notions introduced … Continue reading

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2 Le Hoang Yen

I saw the sun shining brightly when I was walking downhill from Olin. Sunrays shine Straight into my eyes – I feel warm. As a believer in Buddhism myself, I found this week’s discussion and readings quite relevant and helpful … Continue reading

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