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4 Shigenobu Hanako

Looking out beyond South Hall, thick snowflakes contorted the appearance of the houses in the distance. Blurred horizon Vanishing From heavy snow fall If nothingness is not achieved, which it rarely is, you are stuck in a frustrated state where … Continue reading

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5 Shigenobu Hanako

After a long day at a track meet in Springfield, MA, I went for a short run as the sun was setting. Another day Night dawns In a sunset sky I agree that sadness can be beautiful in that it … Continue reading

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6 Shigenobu Hanako

While I was running, I passed an iced over Mystic Lake. My poem is written about a moment I had running along Mystic Lake. The road was empty, the air was brisk, and the lake was frozen over and completely … Continue reading

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7 Shigenobu Hanako

I observed an especially bright moon while leaving the library. Inouye prefaced the lectures for this week by saying that Japan becomes slightly disappointing in that it grows into just another modern place. However, at the end of the week, … Continue reading

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8 Hanako Shigenobu

I spotted a swan hugging the edge of a melting ice sheet as I was running around Mystic Lake. Last week I discussed how Professor Inouye warned us that Japan would begin disappointing us and during week 8 I really … Continue reading

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9 Shigenobu Hanako

Walking downhill from Tisch, I felt a steady, cold breeze. Night breeze, Flow through Me The experience of watching Grave of the Fireflies was enhanced by the discussions we had in class. The movie is a great example of mono … Continue reading

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2 Shigenobu Hanako

As I was walking to Braker, amongst all the bare trees, I noticed there was a single bundle of leaves dangling from a tree next to Goddard Chapel. On a winter tree A single leaf bundle Waits for spring This … Continue reading

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Shigenobu Hanako 3

Shigenobu Hanako 3 On a snowy Monday afternoon, I ran by a small wooded area composed of what looked like pine trees on a side street about two miles from campus. Snow flurries falling Piling atop A small forest Our … Continue reading

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