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In Basho’s journey, when sorrowful changes happen–drama of seasons, illness and separation from partners— he is always calm and faces them frankly. Basho’s attitude towards evanescence is based on his acceptance and understanding of form. Basho’s journey is like the … Continue reading

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After reading Bushido, I highlight several reasons why Bushido vanished during the modernization of Japanese society. Firstly, I think samurai’s loyalty limited their ability to assimilate into the new world. Each samurai is loyal to his master. As mentioned in … Continue reading

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After reading the The Nō Plays of Japan, I watched the Noh Theater video again because I thought I can could have a different feeling and maybe deeper understanding of the play after I read its script. The second time … Continue reading

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3 Zhang Hanyao Last Wednesday night, I made a snowman in the Quad with my friends. Snowman, Different you Tomorrow Mujō is a sorrowful word to me. “… The color of the sāla flowers reveals the truth that the prosperous must decline. … Continue reading

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2 Zhang Hanyao Chinese students cook and eat at Lewis Hall to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Crowded kitchen A round table New Year’s eve. Is there anything eternal and changeless? After the first lecture of the class, this question … Continue reading

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1 Zhang Hanyao Having dinner at Dewick, seating besides the window and noticing it started to snow again. Snow falls White All covered. The shell of cicada can be one example to show the evanescence of nature. It is “empty, … Continue reading

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