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8 Lee Karen

Walking through a park near home The sun’s rays through the naked tree branches blind me The readings presented a dilemma for me similar to the one voiced in class. It was difficult for me to reconcile the image of … Continue reading

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7 Lee Karen

Passing through the wind tunnel, saw the trees… The empty bird’s nest shakes with the wind.   In Nitobe Inazo’s Bushido – the Soul of Japan, we learn that Japanese women were also duty-bound to certain actions, the most striking … Continue reading

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6 Lee Karen

Just looking up at the night sky… I must admit that this week’s reading confused me. What I can draw from it is that Basho’s poetry exemplifies both change and the unchanging, and are thus timeless. The emotion in his … Continue reading

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5 Lee Karen

Looking up at the night sky one evening…   Ihara Saikaku’s The Woman Who Loved Love is the ‘confession’ of a woman who has whiled away her life promiscuously pursuing pleasure. Though she was born into a noble family, through … Continue reading

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1 Lee Karen

When I went outside while it was snowing to look for my headphones… In a world of falling snow only I am still.     The Kitagawa reading discusses motifs of early Japanese religion, which show a highly collective mindset … Continue reading

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4 Lee Karen

Walking to Carm after snowstorm White snow, white sky – I cannot tell where one begins and one ends. I was raised as a Christian, and when I was a child, I would often watch my grandmother read from her … Continue reading

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3 Lee Karen

Walking to Hodgdon at night and looking up (half-moon) Hōjōki: Visions of a Torn World is one man’s experience of the world of suffering and his ultimately futile attempts at escaping it. As we learned in lecture, the world of … Continue reading

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2 Lee Karen

While I was lying down exhausted in the gym looking out the window As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams, written by Lady Sarashina, is a rather depressing set of recollections of a woman who lived during the Heian period. … Continue reading

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