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9 Hall Mario

Doing homework inside, the sounds and sights of the rain calm me. puddles splash heavy rain tranquility   This week we talked about the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Japan that ended World War II, and both what led … Continue reading

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8 Hall Mario

Walking through New York City in the cold, I suddenly feel warmth. This week, we talked about Rape of Nanking and the fundamental shift of Japan moving from Japan as the world to Japan in the world. When I read … Continue reading

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7 Hall Mario

Nothing this week. This week, we read Nitobe’s Bushido and discussed the monumental changes Japan was making from being the world to being in the world. I loved hearing about how quickly Japan adopted only the best Western traditions while … Continue reading

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6 Hall Mario

Scenario: Feeling overheated in my room after being in a daze of work, I open my window.  wind enters— cold and warm calm me This week, we learned about the beauty of sorrow, the Japanese views of nature (as a … Continue reading

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5 Hall Mario

Scenario: while walking, I catch a reflection in a puddle for a brief moment. Looking down Above me Trees and the sky This week’s lectures about hedonism and the floating world and the idea of perspective and nature were very … Continue reading

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4 Hall Mario

Scenario: Walking home after class. Movements make no sound As snow falls Around me This week’s discussion of nothingness and Merton’s explanation of why nothingness is the key was very illuminating for me and reminded me of two things quite … Continue reading

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3 Hall Mario

Week 3 Scenario: a man asks for help getting his powerful car unstuck from a snowbank. tires on ice legs deep in snow the engine spins This week during our class and readings, we learned about the house (the house!) … Continue reading

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2 Hall Mario

  Stillness— Walking on Unbroken Ice   Our readings and lectures this week concerned Buddhism and its three main tenets of Anitya, Dukha, and Anatman, or constant change, the suffering of life, and the lack of a self, respectively (Lecture … Continue reading

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Hall Mario 1

  Setting: riding a bike home in my southern california at night on a deserted road, looking up at the stars and not paying attention to what’s in front of me.   Silence and dark dome sky wrapped around   … Continue reading

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