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This week we focused on the traveling poet, Basho, as well as the defining of Japanese poetics. I found it helpful to read Basho to gain more experience with reading haiku. The transition from samurai controlled Japan to modernization caused … Continue reading

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  This week in class we discussed Hedonism, as a response to the Japanese hakanasa embrace of the ever-changing cicada shell world. This response acknowledges the brevity of life, however hedonism chooses to pursue things that would bring the most … Continue reading

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This Wednesday I was looking outside the classroom window at Dowling Hall during a heavy snowstorm. Through the glass Swirling snowflakes Gather on Jumbo’s head In class this week we explored the concept of Nothingness, and it’s importance in the … Continue reading

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This Saturday my team was driving back from Williams College to Tufts. Rolling snow hills Scattered bare trees Mark Winter’s Touch Though we were unable to have class on Wednesday, on Monday I was quite struck by the Japanese perspective … Continue reading

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This past Wednesday there was a fire alarm at 4:30 AM in 5-degree weather at Carmichael Hall. A Cold morning I stand in the warmth Of Huddled Strangers   This week we were introduced to the central theme of Japanese … Continue reading

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I was walking past West Hall when the birds seemed to be chirping louder than usual. Under a winter sky Birds sing Of last spring This week we discussed the overlap of traditional Japanese animistic beliefs and the introduction of … Continue reading

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