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9 Maman Philippe

While watching Grave of the Fireflies my first inclination was to write on the subject of lyrical isolation in a world where nihilism has taken over. By this I mean that Seita and Setsuko, upon rejecting the society that seems … Continue reading

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8 Maman Philippe

Feet bound, I stand – At the top of the world. What I found most interesting while reading about Nanking and the Oka bombers is nested in the saying by Kusunoki Masashige quoted in If Only We Might Fall. “Hi … Continue reading

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7 Maman Philippe

As I read Bushido by Inazo Nitobe, I cannot escape the question of how the concept relates to present day. Inazo begins by saying that Bushido is ever present as it relates to our ethical system. “It is still a … Continue reading

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6 Maman Philippe

As I stepped out onto my porch: Snow falling – Deafening, I leave my house.   Basho’s liminal role in Japanese culture led to “creation of new poetic associations with place (haimakura) and new poetic resonances” (Inouye, 76). This new … Continue reading

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5 Maman Philippe

Listening to music in my room: As the record spins, The needle reads, Another record.     The very first line from The Woman Who Spent Her Life in Love by Saikaku argues that it is impossible for the self … Continue reading

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4 Maman Philippe

      As I was washing dishes this week, Washing dishes, I cut my finger, red morning light. Merton speaks about the great needs of man, which Christianity must hold to be self-evident restrictions on its form. He outlines, … Continue reading

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3 Maman Philippe

Talking with a friend, I slip on ice— Embarrassed, I continue.   This week, I had a hard time accepting the fact that relationships are just as ephemeral as the other objects we mistakenly hold on to. “If we understood … Continue reading

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2 Maman Philippe

  This week I was driving down Curtis St. —   Gearshift in neutral Inertia-controlled Silence.     In As I Crossed A Bridge of Dreams, translated by Ivan Morris, the theme of youth seems to be representative of being out … Continue reading

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1 Maman Philippe

A pair of leaves Held by one – They crumble. In Professor Inouye’s text, Evanescence and Form An Introduction to Japanese Culture, one theme stood out among the rest while reading the first few sections. “Constant change works against our … Continue reading

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