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This is what it felt like to be rained in all weekend.   Overcast sky, Trees darkened by rain, A grey start to Spring.   Similar to my feelings while reading the Rape of Nanking, I found myself growing numb … Continue reading

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8 Luna-Smith Wesley

Spring Break, Few souls on campus, Stillness blankets The Hill.     This week’s readings were difficult to get through. I am glad for the recorded history, as a testament to the atrocities of war. Yet, it is truly a … Continue reading

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7 Luna-Smith Wesley

I was walking through the Boston Commons and witnessed the good a little sunshine can do!   Boston Commons, Birds singing above laughter. Joy returns with Spring.   The very existence of Bushido by Inazo Nitobe signifies a shift as … Continue reading

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I was combating the wind while rushing to work.   Trees bend, With the constant wind. I must push forward. Basho’s poetry breaks away from pre-modern form in two ways. His haikus do not adhere to the lexicon established in … Continue reading

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5 Luna-Smith Wesley

Walking to class on a warm day, I notice water is rushing down the hill.   High sun, Streams of melted snow. A moment of Spring. “Let death choose its own time… Purify your heart of all your past wickednesses, … Continue reading

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4 Luna-Smith Wesley

I am sitting in the Rez café while heavy snow covers everything outside.   With coffee, Laughter and conversation. Snow falls around us. This passage helped clarify some of the lingering confusion I had regarding evanescence and form, “How we … Continue reading

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After the snow day, I noticed my walk to class was different because tree branches were hanging so low. Low branches, Heavy with snow. Should I bow in return? This week’s emphasis on success and failure further illuminates the duality … Continue reading

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I was sitting in my kitchen feeling upset about the cold weather when I found solace in an unlikely place. —————— A group of cacti, Sheltered in my home. My green escape from winter.   While reading Lady Sarashina’s writings, … Continue reading

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I am on a charter bus that is behind schedule going to Boston from New York; it is nighttime and I can’t really tell where I am through the bus windows. ————————– Street lamps’ reflecting on the Charles. My destination … Continue reading

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