Study examining the motivations behind the development of UAV/drone program in China: Rasmussen Chinese UAVs (10 Nov 2014 draft)

Explaining the non-emergence of Chinese nationalistic protest concerning the South China Seas: Rasmussen Neighborly Grudges NonEmerging Chinese nationalism (Oct 2014)

Analysis of demographic decline in East Asia:  Demographics in East Asia (ASPOS Rasmussen submission, 2012).

A theoretical study of soft power and public diplomacy:  A Theory of Public Diplomacy (Rasmussen, June 2012).

The possibilities of Northeast Asian regional integration:  Asia Revived-The potential for Northeast Asian regional integration (Rasmussen, March 2012).

InstituteLEAP working paper on the fifth generation of Chinese leadership (prior to the 18th Communist Party Congress):  From PLA to MBA (Rasmussen 2012)

Recent analysis of Chinese UN peacekeeping: Changing Politics of Peacekeeping: China’s impact on UN Peacekeeping (Rasmussen, April 2011).

Comparative study of China and the US international treaty behavior: Torture in the US and China (Asian Journal of Public Affairs).

Other research interests include Chinese international treaty behavior; American foreign policy; debates in international relations and international law; East and Southeast Asian affairs; negotiation and conflict resolution; and diplomatic studies.

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