I recently completed teaching as a visiting lecturer at Renmin Daxue (People’s University), leading a Masters level seminar on Theories of International Relations. I also acted as an adjunct lecturer at Boston College in the Department of Political Science.  The Boston College course focused on American Foreign Policy and it attracted a wide range of students particularly those interested in international studies, US history, and politics.  Along with this teaching experience, I have been a teaching fellow or teaching assistant for over 12 classes at the undergraduate, continuing education, and graduate levels.  All available student evaluations can be accessed below.  Also you can find my teaching philosophy statement here:  Teaching Philosophy and Approach (Rasmussen).

Adjunct lecturer for American Foreign Policy:  American Foreign Policy (PO 516 Spring 2012) SYLLABUS and AFP COURSE EVALUATIONS (Rasmussen).

Teaching fellow/assistant (undergraduate level):  Chinese Politics Evaluations (Rasmussen); PS61 Course Evaluations (Rasmussen); Comparative Revolutions Evaluations (Rasmussen); Intro to IR Evaluations (Rasmussen); Globalization and Social Change Evaluations (Rasmussen).

Teaching assistant (graduate level):  Statistics for decision makers (four semesters); Processes of International Negotiation (two semesters); The Rise of China; Compliance and exceptionalism in international law; US Public Diplomacy. Course evaluations available upon request

Course leader (continuing education):  Inside the Leviathan: Understanding the US foreign policy decision making process; Friend or Foe:  Sino-US relations since 1949 Osher Lifelong Learning Evaluations (Rasmussen).

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