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The Blogosphere as a Gender Neutral Construct

Last weekend I attended ‘Podcamp Boston’, a conference dedicated to social media workshops and conversations. The relaxed approach allowed a variety of topics to be discussed in and outside the confines of a conference room. Although all the in-room panels were useful and relevant to my interests, the most thought provoking moment for me stemmed […]

How to Train Your[self to Not Freak Out About Disabilities]

Thinking critically about children’s media.

‘Eternal Sunshine’ Is Forever a Good Story

Hello! Last post was a brief look at my life as a serial rerunner. While thinking about this realization, I decided to pick a favorite movie of mine and talk about what makes it a good story. My choice? ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. I chose this movies because, honestly, I have seen this movie […]

True life: I’m A Serial Rerunner

This week’s lecture in media literacy focused on the idea of storytelling. As we were looking at various themes and concepts relating to storytelling, the question of why people watch re-runs came up. I had a hard time answering that question, primarily because I watch re-runs all the time… it never occurred to me that there was […]

Really Good But Not Really Real: Reality TV

Today I’m going to do a little bit of rambling on reality TV. Let me just say I am a big fan of reality television. I simply love the trashiness of it all. Is it real? Yes and no. Yes, because these are real human beings interacting with each other in an “unscripted” environment. No, […]

‘What’s On [My] Mind?’: The Issue of Banning Social Media

One school is banning social media for a week. Useful?

Tweeting Tragedies

Using Social Media in Crisis Situations


Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Here you will find random posts about media literacy and me. Some posts may be short, others will ramble on forever, but all will hopefully be remotely insightful. Feel free to comment and keep the conversations going! If you would like to contact me personally, I can be reached at […]