‘Eternal Sunshine’ Is Forever a Good Story

Hello! Last post was a brief look at my life as a serial rerunner. While thinking about this realization, I decided to pick a favorite movie of mine and talk about what makes it a good story. My choice? ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. I chose this movies because, honestly, I have seen this movie dozens of times. But why? Let’s take a look!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I would argue this is one of the greatest love stories ever told. In my eyes, it is one of the greatest stories ever told, period. Some key points:

– it feels real. The characters and their interactions (regardless of the fact that the events in the movie are implausible) are completely believable.

– it is visually stunning. Although the movie is set in modern day America, we are transported to other dimensions of reality and love every minute of it.

– it is engaging. The plot is familiar because you enter the film knowing it is a “love” story (other fans of the movie may argue this point), yet it is still very distinct and an unfamiliar way of approaching the boy-meets-girl tale.

– the soundtrack is phenomenal. Composer Jon Brion really sets the tone of the film. It is a combination of somber melodies and fantastical tunes. Truly a great score.

– there is a conflict, then it is resolved. Sounds obvious, but not all movies end with a definite conclusion (Inception, Once, Life During Wartime). There is a journey, there is a trial of strength, and then the conflict is resolved. This is comforting to many people (including myself).

Although I could go on, I think it is important to realize there are several elements here that could be applied to other movies I watch with frequency (‘Lucky Number Slevin’, ‘Never Been Kissed’, ‘High School Musical 3’… to name a few). The plot, characters, design, audio, etc. all play a critical role in how each story is told. Perhaps some of your favorite movies are comprised of this formula as well! Interesting how that works.

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