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Lessons learned from LeVar Burton

Last week I had the absolute privledge to meet and speak with acclaimed producer/director/actor/educator Levar Burton (I’ve linked to his new exciting project, RRKidz!). He came to Tufts University to receive the Eliot-Pearson Award for Children’s Media, organized by the CD department here at Tufts. After the award, there was a luncheon and workshop for friends and students of EP. I […]

Restoring Sanity, Encouraging Media Literacy

Tens of thousands of people showed up to partake in the “Rally to Restore Sanity and Fear” in Washington, DC last weekend. And for some completely miraculous reason, I had the privilege of having cable TV and actually being able to watch it live! (Okay, I was at my parents’ house.. not entirely serendipitous nor […]

Weighing in on weight & pop culture

When we think about stereotypes in the media we consume, I’d assume that for most of us the immediate focus on race and gender. It is likely the easiest way to think critically about popular culture–in casual conversation or even for those term papers. But when we begin to think even deeper than those two […]

KGOY & The Case of Willow Smith

It has only been a day since the release of Willow Smith’s video for her debut single “Whip My Hair”, and yet everyone I know has not only seen the video, but developed some sort of opinion relating to it. I had heard this single a month or so ago and was shocked to find […]

Love [Shouldn’t Be] A Battlefield: Eminem & Domestic Violence

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late! Here is a modified excerpt from a paper I wrote recently, and I felt it to be appropriate considering that October is Sexual Assault Awareness Month at Tufts, not to mention Domestic Violence Awareness Month nationally. [More info on SAAM at Tufts can be found […]

Cybersnooping: How far is too far?

At this very moment, my emotional state is a combination of completely terrified mixed with a whole lot of gratitude that I am no longer an adolescent. All with thanks to a familiar lil pup from Chicago– Scruff McGruff. I came across a computer program this week by the team behind the crime-preventin McGruff. Its […]

The Blogosphere as a Gender Neutral Construct

Last weekend I attended ‘Podcamp Boston’, a conference dedicated to social media workshops and conversations. The relaxed approach allowed a variety of topics to be discussed in and outside the confines of a conference room. Although all the in-room panels were useful and relevant to my interests, the most thought provoking moment for me stemmed […]

How to Train Your[self to Not Freak Out About Disabilities]

Thinking critically about children’s media.

‘Eternal Sunshine’ Is Forever a Good Story

Hello! Last post was a brief look at my life as a serial rerunner. While thinking about this realization, I decided to pick a favorite movie of mine and talk about what makes it a good story. My choice? ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. I chose this movies because, honestly, I have seen this movie […]

True life: I’m A Serial Rerunner

This week’s lecture in media literacy focused on the idea of storytelling. As we were looking at various themes and concepts relating to storytelling, the question of why people watch re-runs came up. I had a hard time answering that question, primarily because I watch re-runs all the time… it never occurred to me that there was […]