Jenny C. Aker


The following is a list of published and working papers.   For a list of policy papers and reports, please see the CV.

Working Papers

How do Electronic Transfers Compare? Evidence from a Mobile Money Cash Transfer Experiment in Niger. In submission. See references on CGD and Freakonomics blogs. Previously entitled “Zap it to Me: Evidence from a Mobile Money Cash Transfer Experiment in Niger.”

“Learning without Teachers? A Randomized Experiment of Mobile Phone-Based Adult Education Program in Los Angeles.
with Christopher Ksoll, Karla Perez, Danielle Miller and Susan Smalley.

“Cash or Vouchers? The Relative Impacts of Cash and Vouchers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.” Revise and resubmit, World Bank Economic Review.

Is Information Power? Using Mobile Phones and Free Newspapers during an Election in Mozambique.” 
with Pedro Vicente and Paul Collier. Revise and resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics.

“Caught in the Middle of a Revolution: The Impact of the Libyan Arab Spring on Migrants from Niger.” with Christopher Ksoll.

“Mobiles and Mobility: The Impact of Mobile Phones on Migration in Niger.” with Michael Clemens and Christopher Ksoll.

“Information, Search Costs and Search Behavior.”
with Jesse Tack. Draft available upon request.

Published Papers

“Borders, Ethnicity and Trade.
with Michael Klein, Steve O’Connell and Muzhe Yang.
March 2014: Vol 107, pp 1-16. Journal of Development Economics.Previously circulated as “Borders or Barriers? The Impact of Borders on Agricultural Markets in West Africa.”

“How does mobile phone coverage affect farm-gate prices? Evidence from West Africa.” with Marcel Fafchamps. June 2013. Accepted for publication, World Bank Economic Review.

Can Mobile Phones Improve Learning? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Niger.” with Christopher Ksoll and Travis Lybbert. October 2012: 4(4), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. DATA

Dial “A” for Agriculture: Using ICTs for Agricultural Extension in Developing Countries.” November 2011. Agricultural Economics 42(6):631-47.

Mobile Phones and Economic Development in Africa.”
with Isaac M. Mbiti.
2010. Journal of Economic Perspectives. 24(3): 207-32.
Citation Erratum. This version does not include the citation for Figure 3, which is from Jensen (2007). The paper and the citation will be updated on the JEP website. We deeply regret the error.

Information from Markets Near and Far: The Impact of Mobile Phones on Grain Markets in Niger.”
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. 2(July 2010): 46-59.

For a more complete version, please see, Does Digital Divide or Provide? Information Technology, Search Costs and Cereal Market Performance in Niger (May 2008).  BREAD Working Paper No. 177

Rainfall Shocks, Markets and Food Crises: The Effect of Drought on Grain Markets in Niger.”
Revue d’Economie de Developpement. 1(March 2010): 71-108.
Book Chapters

“The West African Experience with the World Rice Crisis, 2007-2008″ (with Steven Block, Vij Ramachandran and C. Peter Timmer) in The Rice Crisis: Markets, Policies and Food Security (2010), edited by David Dawe, FAO.


The Shiny New Gadget that Works.” Boston Review, November/December 2010.

Africa Calling: Can Mobile Phones Make a Miracle?” with Isaac M. Mbiti. March/April 2010. The Boston Review.

“Mobile Phones, Markets and Firms in sub-Saharan Africa.”  November 2009.  Proparco’s Magazine, Volume 4.

Blogs, Briefs and Notes via the Center for Global Development

For briefs and notes published via CGD, please refer to the CGD website.

Policy Papers and Reports

“Cash, Vouchers and Household Well-Being Among Internally Displaced Households in Eastern DRC.”   2012.  An Operations Research Report for Concern Worldwide and UNICEF.

“Cash Transfers, Nutrition and Household Well-Being in Niger.”  2012.  An Operations Research Report for Concern Worldwide.

“Cash Transfers, Mobile Transfers and Emergency Response in Niger.”  2011.   An Operations Research Report for Concern Worldwide.

“Towards Measuring the Impact of the World Food Program’s Purchase for Progress Initiative”. 2008. Center for Global Development Policy Brief. Washington, D.C.

“How can we avoid another food crisis in Niger?” 2008. Center for Global Development Essay. Washington, D.C.

“Monitoring Regional Markets for Early Warning of Food Crises in Western Africa.” December 2007. Paper presented at a workshop organized by FAO. FAO: Rome.

Datasets and Do Files Forthcoming