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One Response to The Protection of Internally Displaced Persons in the Sudan: Applying International Law at the Field Level

  1. Recently youth of Vikokotoni,Zanzibar-Tanzania in East africa lodged sentiments at starting an initiative to unearth,develope, protect,promote and defend Swahili Culture using the literary word.The first meeting brooded 6 members now all in the interim committee whereas the second meeting registered 13 prospects most of them are writings of one form or style or the other using the kiswahili language but also some few out of them do use english and one of them has attempted a noval which he is still working on it.Yet others are school teachers with intrests in writting school children books or texts for use in schools.All have shown intrest to have a non governmental that will give their works a push as most times their ideas are stolen along fetching editos that will publish them.As such were glad at the initiative and hoped that it will be able to defend and proyecy their work in one hand and Swahili as a cosmopolitan tool on the other.Fears are that the culture,traditions and ways may get rngulfed along the globalisations integration and so loose its ethnicity or universality.
    Here in then Swahili peoples being cosmopolitan are ever moving and criss cross cultural patters develope to the point of the same displaced peoples creating now a distinctive class of their own markable in national boundaries as well as inter territories of Eastern african nations and consequently the expanse and engulfement of Swahili too.
    As far as Internal Law is concerned we as writers Initiative would very much want to be enlightened on this humanitarian aspect so as to use this knownledge in our persuitments of ouor cherised objectives as well as make friendhip and cooperation with the peoples of the world intrested in Swahili and the Kiswajili language.
    It is our belief that laws are a product of historical antecedents over for the control of peole.Consequently their language use and movement are decisive factors along the halls of civilisation. So we realise this fact and appreciate the dimensions invi\olved but we also appreciate those languages that have contributed to what the language is right now and what it shall be like if certain truths are not heeded and safequarded.So will International help and asist demarcating directions towards The Zanzibar Writers Iniatives(ZAWI) at the obkectives.
    Thank you
    Mohammed Saleh Ali
    ZAWI Secretary General