A summer with Trunk

Before I was hired as an AT fellow for the academic year, I worked for Tufts IT over the summer as a Data Migration Engineer.  Through this position, I became well-acquainted with Trunk, the new learning management system set to replace Blackboard in the fall 2011 semester.  While much of Trunk’s functionality is similar to Blackboard’s, Trunk offers many valuable new features.  For example, Trunk has a search function that allows users to locate specific content on all of their sites.  Any member of the Tufts community can also create a project site, which allows for easy online collaboration.  As a Data Migration Engineer, I built Trunk course sites, drafted support documentation, and facilitated faculty training workshops.  I had the opportunity to work with a great group of professionals and to understand  the creativity, commitment, and organization it takes to ensure that a wide-scale project proceeds smoothly.  As an AT fellow, I’m excited to continue supporting Trunk.


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