Invited Talks

I am a regular speaker at conferences and other gatherings around the world. These are the details of talks I was invited to give since becoming a full-time academic in 1999. They do not include conferences that I submitted papers to.

Keynote speaker: Neighborhoods USA Annual Conference. Eugene OR May 23 2014

Keynote speaker: Just sustainabilities. University of Oregon, Eugene OR, May 22 2014

Keynote speaker: Just sustainabilities. Portland State University. Portland, OR May 21 2014

Keynote speaker: Sacred Earth Sacred Self Conference, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Louisville, KY May 16 2014

Annual Discovery Series Lecture: “Just Sustainabilities: Re-Imagining E/Quality, Living within Limits” at Purdue University, West Lafayette on April 24  2014

The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Lecture: “Just Sustainabilities: Re-Imagining E/Quality, Living within Limits” at Wellesley College, Wellesley on April 23  2014

Landscape Studies Speaker Series: “Just Sustainabilities: Re-Imagining E/Quality, Living within Limits” at Smith College, Northampton on April 21  2014

Annual Arizona State University Wrigley Lecture: “Just Sustainabilities: Re-Imagining E/Quality, Living within Limits” at Civic Space Park, Phoenix on April 15  2014

Keynote speaker at the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability Second Annual Conference at UNC Charlotte April 5 2014.

Keynote speaker at CUNY Graduate Center/New School NYC April 2 2014

Keynote speaker at “Planning for the Possible: Visionary Planning in Québec and New England” Tufts University, March 28 2014

Keynote speaker at the Bucknell University Forum March 4 2014

Keynote speaker at the Center for Humans and Nature event: “How is nature critical to a 21st century urban ethic?” Spertus Institute, Michigan Avenue, Chicago February 13 2014

Speaker at the Sharing Economy Boston Conference at MassChallenge Headquarters, 1 Marina Park Drive Boston, December 12th 2013

Keynote speaker at The New England Campus Sustainability Forum, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, October September 20th 2013

Keynote speaker at the EPA’s 2013 Community Involvement Training Conference, Boston, August 1st 2013.

Keynote: UCL Environment Institute Inaugural Annual Conference 2013: Just sustainabilities: Policy, Planning and Practice. University College London June 18th 2013.

Zube Annual Lecture at UMass Amherst on April 25th 2013: “Just Sustainabilities: Re-imagining e/quality, living within limits.”

Keynote, Mid-South Planning & Zoning Institute/University of Memphis conference: Just sustainabilities: Re-imagining (e)quality, living within limits April 19th 2013

Panelist, “Good for Me – Good for Us?
 Self-Interest, Community Values, and A Sustainable Future.” Wake Forest University March 25th 2013

Speaker in the Environmental Justice series co-sponsored by the Kenan Institute for Ethics and the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University February 5th 2013

Keynote speaker at Moravian College Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day January 29th 2013

Colloquium Keynote Speaker Master of Arts Program, Prescott College AZ 8 November 2012

Keynote speaker at the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) Conference in Oakland, CA October 11th 2012

Convocation Speaker at the 65th Academic Convocation at Merrimack College, September 4th 2012

Keynote speaker: 18th Annual International Sustainable Development Research (ISDR) Conference at the University of Hull, England June 24th 2012.

Speaker: University of San Francisco 2012 College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Lecture Series on May 3 2012

Keynote: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Social Justice Week April 3 2012 Oshkosh, WI

Inaugural speaker: Launch of the Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) at Rhode Island College, February 16th 2012.

Keynote speaker: The Canadian Association of Planning Students – L’Association Canadienne des Étudiants en Aménagement et en Urbanisme (CAPS-ACEAU) conference: “Planning Horizons: The Edge, Future, and Potential of Planning” February 3rd, 2012, Vancouver, Canada.

Keynote speaker: University of Alberta Office of Sustainability 2011-2012 Sustainability Speaker Series, “Just Sustainabilities: Re-imagining (E)quality, Living Within Limits” January 27th 2012. Edmonton, Canada.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Homily and Keynote speech: “The Dream Lives on: Towards a Just Sustainability” at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine January 15-16 2012

Keynote: USGBS Greening the Heartland Conference & Exhibition June 22 2011.

Keynote speaker: “The Geography of Climate Justice“, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin May 12 2011.

Lecture: “Just sustainabilities: Re-imagining (e)quality, living within limits” at the School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, March 22 2011.

Lecture: “Just sustainabilities: Re-imagining (e)quality, living within limits” at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, February 23 2011.

Lecture: “Just sustainabilities: Re-imagining (e)quality, living within limits” at the The Centre for Building and Planning Studies, University of South Australia, February 18 2011.

Lecture: “Just sustainabilities: Re-imagining (e)quality, living within limits” at the Australian National University, February 11 2011

Keynote: “Inspiring Communities – Portland Plan“, Portland OR December 15 2010

Keynote: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Annual Conference “Campus Initiatives to Catalyze a Just and Sustainable World” Denver, CO, October 11 2010

Keynote speaker: Plenary Theme 2: Sustainability, at the International Sociological Association conference, Gothenburg, Sweden July 12-17 2010

Keynote speaker: Global Environmental Justice conference, University of East Anglia, UK, July 2-3 2010

Keynote Speaker: Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) Annual Conference Many Shades of Green, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR June 17-20 2010

Keynote speaker: The City Program May 5 2010, sponsored by Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), Simon Fraser University (SFU) Centre for Sustainable Community Development and the SFU City Program,

Think Tank Leader at the ‘Environmental (Dis)Locations Conference’, Yale Divinity School, 9-10 April 2010

Panel speaker at the 2009 American Sociological Association conference “The New Politics of Community” San Francisco, August 7-11

Keynote speaker: UK Health Protection Agency IXth International Conference: “Chemical and Environmental Hazards: Working together, protecting Communities” Manchester, May 19-21 2008

Keynote speaker at the 2008 Annual UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference ‘Sustainability, Space and Social Justice’, Belfast March 18-20 2008

Keynote speaker at the 2007 Annual conference of the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Sustaining Culture, December 6-8, Adelaide, Australia

Keynote speaker at the 2007 Conference on Communication and the Environment at DePaul University, Chicago, IL. , June 22 – June 25, 2007

Co-presenter (with Dr Karen Bickerstaff, University of Durham, UK) of ‘(Dis)assembling environmental justice: developing cross-national comparisons’ at the American Association of Geographers conference in San Francisco April 17-21 2007.

Keynote speaker at the Third International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability at The University of Madras, Chennai, India January 4-7 2007. My paper was called ‘Towards just and sustainable communities’

Presenter at the conference ‘Conservation, Environmental Justice, and Resource Rights: Tensions and Overlaps’ at Harvard University, October 21st 2006. My paper was called ‘Joined Up Thinking: Bringing Together Sustainability, Environmental Justice and Conservation

Presenter at the UK Sustainable Development Research Network Conference in London on September 21st 2006. My paper was called ‘Just sustainability: A UK/US comparison’

Discussant in the Plenary ‘Justice, nature and the City: environmental justice in post-Hurricane New Orleans’ at the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers conference ‘Global social justice and environmental sustainability’ Royal Geographical Society, London, August 29-September 1 2006

Speaker in the Environmental Studies Evening Colloquium, Colby College, ME April 4 2006. My talk was ‘Sustainable Communities and the Challenge of Environmental Justice’.

Panelist at the ‘Beyond Environmentalism:Economic Development and Minority Communities in a Post-Environmental World’ conference. The Greenlining Institute/The Breakthrough Institute. Mills College, Oakland, CA July 14 2005.

Presenter in the ‘Sustainable Development and Human Security Panel’ at the EPIIC Symposium ‘Oil and Water’. Tufts University. February 25-28. 2005.

Plenary speaker at the Fifth Annual Regional Sustainable Development Forum on ‘Visions of Sustainability’, MIT Friday, October 29, 2004.

Speaker at the ‘Building Sustainable Communities’ Conference. Burlington, VT July 14th 2004.

Participant in the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Communicating Urgency, Facilitating Social Change: New Strategies for Climate Change NCAR. Boulder, CO. June 8-12 2004

Participant in the Natural Step/Case Western Reserve University Conference Effecting Change in Complex Social Systems: Examining Dynamics and Identifying Leverage Points Case Western Reserve University 10-12 December 2003.

Facilitator at the ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives World Congress – Local Action 21’ Workshop B3 ‘Local Governance and Participatory Planning’ and Plenary 6 ‘ Decentralization of Aid and Finance: For or Against Local Governance’ ICLEI World Congress, Athens, Greece November 3-7 2003

Facilitator at the ‘Fourth Annual Regional Sustainable Development Forum’, Workshop H: “Creating Sustainable Communities Through Public Participation”. MIT September 22nd 2003.

Co-authored a paper (with Bob Evans) entitled ‘Justice, Governance and Sustainability: New Perspectives on Environmental Citizenship’ which was presented at the Citizenship and the Environment Conference. University of Newcastle, UK. 4-6 September 2003.

Delivered the inaugural paper ‘Environmental Justice and the Sustainable City: Observations from the US’ in the Sustainable Cities Seminar Series. University of Northumbria, Newcastle on Tyne, UK. June 17 2003.

Keynote Speaker at the Environmental Careers Organization’s (ECO) 19th Annual National Environmental Careers Conference: ‘Building Sustainable Communities’, Bayside Exposition Center, Boston MA October 18-19 2002. My paper was: ‘From Corporate Responsibility to Planetary Sustainability’.

Facilitator at the ‘World Summit on Sustainable Development’, Local Government Session. Johannesburg, South Africa 27-30th August 2002.

Conference Chair of the 2002 Annual Conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education: The Boston TEE (Total Environmental Education) Party’, 6-10th August 2002, Boston, MA.

Presenter: ‘Global Approaches to Environmental Democracy: Access to Information, Public Participation, Decision Making and Environmental Justice’. British Council. Bath, UK. 26-31 May 2002. My paper was ‘Environmental Justice and Sustainability’

Facilitator at the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) ‘Local Agenda to Action: Building a Sustainable Future’ World Summit on Sustainable Development Preparatory Committee meeting, Vancouver, Canada. February 27th 2002.

Roundtable Chair in Ann Arbor, MI at the June 2001 International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) U.S. and Canadian Municipal Leaders Preparatory Meeting for the September 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).

Moderator in Session 2R ‘Ensuring Biodiversity in the Urban Setting’ at the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) ‘Global Cities 21 Conference’ in Dessau, Sachsen-Anhalt in Germany, June 28-July 2nd 2000.

Organized and spoke at a conference for the UK Royal Geographical Society’s Planning and Environment Research Group entitled ‘Towards Sustainability: Social and Environmental Justice’. Tufts University, May 31st-June 2nd 2000.

Invited speaker at the International Landcare Conference entitled ‘Changing Landscapes ~ Shaping Futures’ held in Melbourne Australia between 2nd-5th March 2000. My paper was: ‘Government, sustainability and governed: the role of Agenda 21′.

‘Conference Fellow’ at the Eighth Cary Conference ‘Understanding Urban Ecosystems: A New Frontier for Science and Education’ Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, New York April 27-29 1999.

Keynote Speaker at the 1999 International Conference of the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) entitled ‘Southern Crossings: Pointers for Change’ held at the University of New South Wales, Sydney between 14-18th January 1999. My paper was: ‘Local Sustainability: Quality and Equality’.




















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