Between 1992 and 1998, I ran my own consulting firm in London. These are some of my consulting projects. Ones after 1998 were undertaken in the US:

Agyeman, J, Newhall-Smith, K and Ringelheim, J (2006) ‘Mainstreaming Diversity:From Paradigm to Practice? Research into Urban Audiences and Environmental Education’. Lincoln, MA. Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Tuler, S, Agyeman,J, Pinto da Silva, P, Roth LoRusso K and Kay, R (2006) ‘Characterizing and identifying vulnerable populations among Northeast Marine fishery stakeholders: Literature Review and Case Study NOAA Technical Document.

Reviewer for World Resources Institute/Public Broadcasting Service discussion guide for the TV program ‘Earth on Edge’ (2001).

Consultant to Boston Community Venture Catalysts in defining BCVC’s strategy for sustainable urban community economic development (2000).

Critical reader of Unit 3 of MSc in Environmental Education, Development Education and Education for Sustainability. Client: South Bank University, London (2000)

Adviser to South African Ministry for Education on Environmental Education (2000)

Consultant on ‘Sustainable Communities’ resource pack. Client WWF US (2000)

Member of external expert review of the National Botanical Institute in South Africa. Client: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Government of South Africa (2000)

Adviser on Local Agenda 21 in Hounslow. Client: London Borough of Hounslow (1995- 1998).

Co-writer of ‘Local Government for Sustainability’ (Elected Member Training Pack) Client: UK Local Government Management Board (1995).

Adviser on incorporating community outreach into service delivery. Client: Lee Valley Regional Park, UK (October 1995-March 1996)

Editor of ‘Involving Communities in Forestry’ (Forestry Practice Guide 10) Client: UK Forestry Authority/Commission (1995/1996)

Co-writer of ‘Local Authority Environmental Publicity Guide’. Client: UK Department of the Environment (1993)

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