Between 1992 and 1998, I ran my own consulting firm in London. These are some of my consulting projects. Ones after 1998 were undertaken in the US:

  • Co-writer of ‘Local Authority Environmental Publicity Guide’. Client: UK Department of the Environment (1993)
  • Co-writer of ‘A Training Strategy for “Policies for People”. Client: UK Countryside Commission/Losehill Hall Peak National Park Training Centre (January-June 1993)
  • Writer of ‘Equality and Environment’ Unit for Master’s in Environmental and Development Education. Client: WWF/South Bank University (1994)
  • Co-writer of ‘Habitats’ (Teacher Resource). Client: UK Friends of the Earth (1994/1995)
  • Editor of ‘Involving Communities in Forestry’ (Forestry Practice Guide 10) Client: UK Forestry Authority/Commission (1995/1996)
  • Adviser on incorporating community outreach into service delivery. Client: Lee Valley Regional Park (October 1995-March 1996)
  • Co-writer of ‘Local Government for Sustainability’ (Elected Member Training Pack) Client: UK Local Government Management Board (1995).
  • Trainer: Communicating environmental messages for radio producers.Client: BBC World Service (March 1996)
  • Adviser in setting up an environment center. Client: Training International Scotland Limited/Tianjin Professional College, China (October 1996)
  • Adviser on environmental education in Surrey schools and development of The EASY Pack. Client: Surrey CC (January 1996-May 1997)
  • Adviser on Local Agenda 21 in Hounslow. Client: London Borough of Hounslow (1995- 1998).
  • Consultant on ‘Sustainable Communities’ resource pack. Client WWF US (2000)
  • Member of external expert review of the National Botanical Institute in South Africa. Client: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Government of South Africa (2000)
  • Adviser to South African Ministry for Education on Environmental Education (2000)
  • Critical reader of Unit 3 of MSc in Environmental Education, Development Education and Education for Sustainability. Client: South Bank University, London (2000)
  • Consultant to Boston Community Venture Catalysts in defining BCVC’s strategy for sustainable urban community economic development (2000)
  • Reviewer for World Resources Institute/Public Broadcasting Service discussion guide for the TV program ‘Earth on Edge’ (2001)
  • Co-PI Tuler, S, Agyeman,J, Pinto da Silva, P, Roth LoRusso K and Kay, R (2006) ‘Characterizing and identifying vulnerable populations among Northeast Marine fishery stakeholders: Literature Review and Case Study NOAA Technical Document.
  • PI Agyeman, J, Newhall-Smith, K and Ringelheim, J (2006) ‘Mainstreaming Diversity:From Paradigm to Practice? Research into Urban Audiences and Environmental Education’. Lincoln, MA. Massachusetts Audubon Society.

For more on my consulting projects, take a look at Urban (E)quality Catalysts.

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