External Funding

Most of my books and articles are funded by my Tufts research funds which I use to pay my student researchers. The following are some externally funded projects

‘Defining a strategy for sustainable urban community development’. Project undertaken for Boston Community Venture Catalysts. Value $14,000. Co-researcher Melvyn Colon. September 2000-March 2001

‘Social marketing and sustainability’. Research undertaken in the Town of Brookline for Tufts University College of Citizenship and Public Service. Value $10,000. September 2000-May 2001

‘Developing and evaluating a strategy to encourage reduced energy use among Tufts students’. UCCPS Value $5000. September 2001-May 2002. Co-PI Ann Rappaport, UEP

‘Towards a Sustainable Tufts’ Value $4,000 July 2002 Research for Tufts University College of Citizenship and Public Service

‘Environmental Justice Across the Mystic: Education and Training for Community Capacity Building Project’ $20,000 EPA Environmental Justice Grant. Co-Researchers The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) and Mystic Watershed Collaborative (MWC). Fall 2002

‘Mapping sustainabilities’ research database Value $10,000. Funded by Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Co-researcher Dr Rob Krueger, WPI. July-December 2003.

‘Grant-In-Aid’Tufts Faculty Research Awards Committee (FRAC). Value $1495. February 2004.

‘Developing methods to identify and characterize vulnerable populations in northeast marine fishery communities’ NOAA. Value $49,954. Co-PI Dr Seth Tuler, George Perkins Marsh Institute, Clark University. September 2004-July 2005

‘Urban Audiences and Environmental Education’ Massachusetts Audubon Society. Value $26,225.50. October 2004-June 2005.

‘Vacant Lot Reclamation and Transformation: Improving Social and Environmental Conditions in Boston’s Environmental Justice Communities’. The Annonymous Foundation. Value $27,500. October 2006-May 2007

‘Feasibility Study for a ‘Sustainable Community Planning Institute’ Tufts Institute for the Environment. Value $19,500. May 2007.

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