Parents Weekend

Despite the power disruption, Parents Weekend carried on. Check out these videos of the Hollywood-bound Beelzebubs singing some classics:

The Traveling Treasure Trunk entertained the young and the young at heart:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions blogger and Tufts sophomore Chase Gregory recounted her parents weekend in a new webcomic.
Diane Hessan — CEO of Communispace, a 1976 grad and also a parent — shared a twitpic snapshot of the Tufts Third Day Gospel Choir performing.
Go @Tuftsuniversity Gospel Choir! on Twitpic
Check out these videos of the Gospel Choir in action:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Rehearsal
The Shir Appeal a cappella group also shone on stage:

They also shone in the dark, soldiering on to perform during the power outage:
Part 1 | Part 2
Check out the Tufts Pep band in action:

Any more fun pics or videos from Parents Weekend? Send ’em our way!

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