On Oct. 3, the Tufts Robotics club competed in the fifth annual Franklin Cup robot competition, part of the Franklin Institute’s World Space Week 2009 activities. Check out this video of the Jumbonator in action:

From the Franklin Institute’s press release:

Held at The Franklin Institute each year, over 35 robots participate in the robot conflict tournament that pits robot against robot in a three‐minute battle displaying ingenuity, engineering creativity, and resilience. During this competition visitors will see robots ranging in size from a minuscule, one‐pound robot to a floor‐shaking, thirty‐pound robot use the best of intelligent design, along with innovative tools to battle one‐another. The goal of the competition is to outmaneuver or disable the rival’s robotic creation by relying on either their small but lethal power or an arsenal of gadgets to disarm their opponents.

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