Tufts Dance Collective

This past weekend, Tufts Dance Collective staged its spring show. You can check out complete video on their YouTube channel, but there is one segment of the evening worth highlighting in particular…

That’s the faculty dance (“Revenge of the Nerds”), with Tufts President Lawrence Bacow and his wife Adele Fleet Bacow making a special appearance. Others on stage include Associate Prof. Norman Ramsey and Visiting Assistant Prof. Sara Su from the Department of Computer Science; Lecturers Anne CantĂș (classics), Mary Glaser (math), Ben Hescott (computer science) and Anna Wegel-Hajj (romance languages); Dr. Margaret Higham, medical director of Health Services; Father David O’Leary; and staffers George Preble (engineering lab systems manager), David Proctor (Classics Department administrator) and Jeannine Vangelist (staff assistant, Department of Computer Science).
Here’s video from the rehearsal:

And another video of the routine, from an audience member in the front row:

One word: Epic.

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