Tufts Makes it to the Onion

We thought we had made it when we got referenced on “The Simpsons” — twice in one season, at that — but little did we know that we’d soon be mentioned in an Onion article. “Charles Hartsell, an environmental scientist,” was “quoted” in an article for the parody publication, warning of a “crisis of cataclysmic proportions” posed by oil safely delivered via tanker to a Louisiana port.

“In a matter of days, this oil may be refined into a lighter substance that, when burned as fuel in vehicles, homes, and businesses, will poison the earth’s atmosphere on a terrifying scale.”

Like many Onion articles, it’s all in good fun, but with a poignant undercurrent.
There may be no Charles Hartsell at Tufts, but our environmental studies program is committed to “the study of our natural surroundings, designs that help minimize degradation of those surroundings, and the social and political tools needed to preserve and improve the environment.”

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