The NYC Nomad

Ed Casabian (A’04) has embarked on a unique quest — to spend a week in each New York City neighborhood as the NYC Nomad. He is blogging, tweeting and Facebooking about his experiences.
Casabian writes:

I think some of the happiest times in my life have been moving from place to place. Travelling. Who is to say that I can’t travel in the city that I live while working a full time job? And what better place to travel than New York City neighborhoods.
I am not without a sense of the difficulty of this project. I have a twin sized aerobed that I am sleeping on for the first time tonight. I have no pillow for space reasons. I have two backpacks and a wheeled garment bag. I have a limited amount of clothes. But I am excited and I think that is all that really matters.

In the past, Casabian has blogged about a 2005 volunteer stint in Armenia and a jaunt around the globe in 2006-7.

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