Daily alums start online magazine

In July, Kyle Chayka (A ’10) founded an internet magazine titled “Millennials Magazine” that promotes the debate about what “millennials” actually are and what it means. In it’s opening editorial statement, Chayka, projects editor Jess Bidgood (A ’10), and other members of the masthead presented submitted definitions of the word, including “Millennials: My Childhood Ended the Day the Towers Fell.”

“The splash page [where submissions were collected] was the first step in our mission; that is, to give millennials a chance to speak independently, to begin to define ourselves against an avalanche of polemical articles defining us as a generation “victim to the recession” and “stupefied by technology.”

The pseudo-blog provides an opportunity for those who grew up in the ’90s to the early 2000’s to speak up and combat the image that many news sources (re: The New York Times) paint of “20-somethings” in America today. Topics covered include everything from social networking, “Garden State,” “The O.C.” and all things nostalgic. Check out their Facebook page and Twitter. The site is currently looking for new writers and staff members; contact the team at millennialsmag@gmail.com if interested.

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