Documenting Champions

Arlin Ladue (E’ 11) followed the Tufts men’s lacrosse Team all the way to the their national championship to produce a documentary of the experience.  “Road To The Championship” covers everything from pre-season to the final NCAA wins, and the emotional moments in between it all. Ladue and alum-producer Drew Innis (A ’04) filmed many hours to get all the footage necessary to complete the 60-minute film. Screenings were held on Thursday, October 21 in collaboration with Tufts Film Series, Tufts Film Works and Tufts Imaginet. In an interview with the Daily, Ladue talked about the extensive nature of the project:

“When all was said and done, I had about 2,000 gigabytes of HD footage, covering 11 games and eight full days with the team,” [Ladue] said. “Over the course of June, early July and September, I logged over 300 hours working through the footage and putting together a final cut of the film.”

Ladue has worked on other film projects before, including two music videos for music group All Out (alum Matt McCormick A ’10 is a member) and videos for the Tufts website. The film will be released for purchase online soon. A trailer for the film can be watched below.

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