Tasty Tufts Shares Dining Hall Creations

Tasty Tufts, the official blog of the Tufts Culinary Society, recently featured an array of creative and savory entree and dessert dishes made in the dining halls, offering advice on enhancing your dining hall satisfaction. One such “Dining Hall Creation” was a waffle sundae:

If you’re not carrying the latest apparel J.Crew or can’t prove that you have a different colored Longchamp bag for every day of the week, then try making your own waffle sundae that will make your table-mates drool with envy. Available only on Thursdays and Sundays at Dewick.

Other creations include homemade dijon salad dressing and a miracle burger.

The blog also features updates on new recipes, restaurants, information on notable chefs, nutrition and more.


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