Tufts Students Journey to El Salvador with CoCoDA

The Tufts delegation of Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA) recently concluded a service trip in El Salvador. Although their lodging in the town of Aguacayo was without internet or cellphone connections, they were able to blog periodically about their experiences. Tufts students Miriam Ross-Hirsch (A’13) and Anna Bernstein (A’13) write:

The community of Aguacayo has had access to running water since 2006, thanks to a project coordinated by CoCoDA. We are helping to construct an annex to the community center to store supplies for their water line. We have been working alongside community members to dig the foundation. After drenching the ground with water to soften the soil, we use piochas (pickaxes), palas (shovels) and a barra (a long, heavy metal pole) to wedge rocks out of the ground, digging a deep trench. We are all breaking a sweat trying to keep up with the Salvadoran men, but their quick, efficient work puts us to shame. At least we provide entertainment as we struggle to lift rocks covered in biting ants.

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