Dining Near Tufts

Tufts Culinary Society has “a food blog for every Tufts student, and not just those who regularly use the word umami or geek out over the latest doings of the Adria brothers …” A recent series of posts on the blog focus on “dining near Tufts,” offering students reviews of four popular eateries close to campus. Here’s an excerpt from the post on Wing Works:

Wing Works serves enormous, fried, deliciously saucy chicken wings. The buffalo wings can be made mild through “suicide” hot, and have a nice balance of heat and flavor. Rochester sauce is a unique, slightly spicy honey mustard with a hint of barbeque, and was delicious on boneless chicken. The boneless wings were good quality, without a processed texture. My food arrived about an hour after ordering it online, and the delivery guy was very friendly, even tipping his enormous cowboy hat to me as he left.


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