The Tufts Affiliates

As a university with such a rich history, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the interesting events of Tufts’ past. Betsy Sherman of the Tufts Accessioning Program for Electronic Records is here to help. She is writing histories of different Tufts departments and her latest feature is on The Tufts Affiliates, a group of women during World War II who earned Tufts degrees while attending professional schools in Boston.

…my favorite among the primary documents in the collection here are the yearbooks written by the BSOT students. Called “Otiology,” the yearbook chronicled the activities of the occupational therapy students as they commuted from their classrooms in Boston to their digs on the Tufts campus (where, one year, “Bsots were rated highest in poise and appearance at the Tufts Christmas sing”), and had reports from students who spent their Affiliate Year working in hospitals (one discovered that “doctors are actually people and dateable if young enough”).

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