Summer Coffee Hours

At the beginning of the summer Fletcher Admissions decided to embark on a project setting up coffee meetings between prospective Fletcher students and Alumni of the program. They announced the project on their blog by saying:

Fletcher Admissions likes to experiment, and a new initiative this year is Summer Coffee Hours. (…) If you’re in Dar es Salaam, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Ho Chi Minh City, Jerusalem, Montreal, Cairo, Houston, Geneva, or Bangkok, plan to join a student for coffee.

Now, as the summer is coming to a close, they are posting responses from participants. One alumni said:

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet in Montreal with a small group of potential students from different parts of Canada.  We met at Caffè Art Java on Mont-Royal, a hospitable and open place that allowed us to enjoy the beautiful evening weather.  Not three years ago, I remember being in their shoes and going through the painful, yet rewarding, process of graduate school applications.


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