TV and Films and Students, Oh My!

With the option of Tufts admissions videos for prospective students and the enhancement in one’s ability to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, it shouldn’t be surprising that we have some entertainment gurus on campus.

Ben Phelps, A’11, and a current Masters student for Educational Studies, writes about and critiques dozens of television shows on his blog BP on TV. From predictions about the 63rd Emmy Award Show to his five most anticipated fall season shows, Phelps journeys through an eclectic television landscape.

Acting as the other side of the same coin, so to speak,  Erik Leupp, A’12 shows off his cinematic knowledge on FilmBuffet, a blog dedicated to movie reviews. In predicting this to be the most epic movie season ever, Leupp writes,

All of this pales in comparison though to this upcoming fall and winter movie season. This one might be one for the record books. Never before have I seen a film season packing this much of a Hollywood punch. Many of the biggest directors are releasing films and many of the most prominent and talented actors of our time have films coming out. There is the very real potential that this year’s Oscar telecast will be the most star-studded in recent memory. Everyone from Meryl Streep to Brad Pitt to Tilda Swinton to Ryan Gosling to Kate Winslet to Leonardo DiCaprio to Sandra Bullock to Viggo Mortenson have a chance of being nominated

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