Tufts Freethought Society recently released a podcast series led by the group’s executive board members. Their first podcast, led by Walker Bristol, A14, and Lauren Rose, A13, covers everything from The Ignoble Prizes to the male hormonal cycle (yes it exists–it’s just a yearly cycle). They seek to discuss contemporary topics based on science, logic, and reason free from superstition, dogma, or belief in the supernatural:

Were you just thinking, “Boy, I wish somebody would develop a podcast that discusses issues related to atheism, religion, skepticism, science, politics, sex, and freethought, perhaps specifically catered to students and Boston area affairs?” If so, then get excited! Tufts Freethought Society has a podcast!

If this sounds like you, check out their blog for their first two podcasts or find them on Youtube for their videos from The Humanist Forum, reflections, and more.  For more on Tufts Freethought Society check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

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