Sunset Sessions

It started off like any other day – Emma Scudder, A14, had just finished writing a few songs, and videographer Ian Maclellan, A12, had a new camera begging to be used. The result? A spontaneous live acoustic music video, marking the beginning of what would become the 42 Sunset Sessions. In Scudder’s words:

Soon it grew to an idea outside of just the two of us. His housemates loved hearing the live music coming from their roof. We started invited some talented Tufts musicians like Hayes [Peebles] to come and play a short set for us. We wanted to be able to share the vibrant music scene, both at Tufts and in Boston, that so often goes unnoticed.

The duo plans to have another video released this month, as well as two more scheduled for March. They also hope to bring in more “outside” talent from the Boston area and expand the reach of their project. You can see where it all started with the video of Scudder’s song “While Skyscrapers Sleep” below:

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