Biking and Building Cross-Country

Dan Halpert, E12, has big post-graduation plans, and we’re not talking about immediately starting a 9 to 5 job. Halpert is looking to bike across the country as a member of Bike and Build, an organization for people who want to spend their summer alternating between biking, building affordable homes and shelters, and spreading the word on the affordable housing crisis. To raise funds for his trip, Halpert has set up a website and a biker profile where people can learn about his cause, as well as donate. He currently has reached about a third of his $4500 goal. In his profile, Dan explains his motivation for the trip:

Neighboring my hometown, and just a few hundred feet from my house, is Bridgeport, CT, where one can witness the affordable housing crisis and high levels of homelessness first hand.  Growing up so close to that made me realize how much we take for granted the simple pleasure of a roof over our heads and that affordable housing should be granted to every person, regardless of their socioeconomic standing.

You can donate to Halpert’s cause here.

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