Why We Love Tufts

At the end of March, Tufts Admissions sent out their ultimate decisions to the applicants for the class of 2016, accepting approximately 21% of applicants Рits most selective  year yet. That translates to nearly 3500 students Рall of whom have probably received numerous offers and are weighing this life changing decision. Therefore, in an effort to communicate to these newly accepted students why Tufts is the place to be, the admissions office has created a series of videos featuring real Jumbos discussing the reasons why they chose and love attending Tufts.

What kind of reasons did they come up with? Everything from little reasons like Hodgdon burritos and the Rez coffee shop to larger reasons like a diverse student body and tight knit community. You can check out one of the recent videos below, as well as watch the rest of them on the Tufts Admissions YouTube channel. One thing we can say for sure – you don’t have to be a potential 2016er to enjoy them! Sometimes, it’s just nice to hear a few reminders for why you chose Tufts back in the day.

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