Whoizit Mobile App

Brett Andler, E13, is putting a new spin on a classic childhood game. Whoizit, the proposed name of his project submitted to Startup Weekend Boston, uses your Facebook friends to create a mobile app version of the board game Guess Who? The original game involved guessing a fictional character by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions and narrowing down the options. Instead of a fictional character, Whoizit will take a randomly selected mutual Facebook friend from two competing players and have them guess who it is using the same method as the game. The online app would be a way to connect with friends, find out new things about people, and share inside jokes or memories. Whoizit won the Audience Choice award at Startup Weekend Boston and is now working on raising funds through Kickstarter to make their proposal a reality. You can watch their YouTube video explaining the app in their own words below:

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