A Campaign for Tufts

If you were on campus recently, you couldn’t miss the campaign for TCU President. Behind the chalking around campus, the Facebook groups, websites and t-shirts were a lot of great ideas to address issues that Tufts students face. Candidates Wyatt Cadley (’13) and Logan Cotton (’13) stirred up discussion on a variety of topics.

At the second of two TCU Presidential debates run by the Tufts Elections Commission, their passion for Tufts truly shined! Check out this video, compiled by TUTV to highlight the two candidates.

In the election on Tuesday April 24th, Wyatt Cadley won the race, and will assume the role of  TCU President for next year. Both candidates built strong campaign teams and successfully engaged voters, with 49.76% of voters turning out Рan increase of 1,000 voters from last year!

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