The Job Hunt

Senior Cara Paley, A12, recently shared the details of her job search on the Tufts Career Services blog. The three-installment piece follows her experiences receiving an  interview after applying for a job through Tufts Career Connect, going to the interview, and waiting to hear back from the company. The posts are great for any student who is looking for insight in the somewhat-confusing world of job hunting.

An excerpt from her first post is just one example of her discoveries during the job search:

I found that the “two-week-turnaround” reputation of media hiring isn’t so rigid. True, media employers are notoriously last minute, unable to afford the same early recruiting efforts as say finance, engineering, and accounting. But if you highlight the fact that you’re a graduating senior and willing to start work in just a few short months, employers might just give your application a careful glance.

Does Cara get the job? Check out the last post in the series, here.

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