Benefit Concert for The Sharewood Project

The Sharewood Project, a free healthcare organization run by first and second year students at Tufts University School of Medicine, will host a benefit concert on October 13 to celebrate 16 years of providing free medical services around the Boston area.

The event is part of a partnership with the Longwood Symphony Orchestra and will feature works from  Robert Kyr, Mozart, and Prokofiev. According to the event website, “The orchestra’s members are primarily healthcare professionals, from students to staff, who have chosen Sharewood as a Community Partner for their Healing Art of Music program. All proceeds from ticket sales will support the important services that Sharewood provides.” These include clinical case management, laboratory screening, psychiatric, dental, ophthalmic sexual and women’s health, dental screening, nutrition counseling, vaccinations, and social services.

The Sharewood project, whose name comes from Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest idea of giving to the poor mixed with the idea of a shared learning experience between those receiving medical help and those providing it, relies entirely on donations and fundraising to provide their services. For more information on this year’s symphony fundraiser or to buy tickets, check out the event registration. For more information on Sharewood, check out this video that appeared on the NBC Nightly News last fall:



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