Tufts Chamber Singers Perform “Simpson Romantic Songs”

The Tufts Chamber Singers, an ensemble run through Tufts’ Music Department that performs canonical compositions along with more contemporary arrangements, decided to add some playful humor to its most recent show. The performance featured a rendition of composer Paul Crabtree’s “Simpson Romantic Songs,” ¬†series of love poems, set to sweeping, dramatic music, that tell the trials and woes experienced by our favorite animated family from Springfield.

Crabtree, a noted contemporary composer and avid Simpson’s fan, noticed that his favorite American TV staple is chock-full of emotional messages, and decided to set them to music. So when the ensemble sings of love,¬†forgiveness, and personal expression, they’re turning the seemingly silly words of Homer, Marge, and Bart into deep messages that resonate with us all.

Check out this video from the performance:

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