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The Wendy Walk

In 2010, Ali Landes, A08, started the Wendy Walk with her two siblings after their mother, Wendy, was diagnosed with Liposarcoma. The Wendy Walk is the first event created that focuses exclusively on raising money for research of Liposarcoma, a rare form of tissue cancer.

Since 2010, the Wendy Walk has raised more than $1 million to fund research. Annual Wendy Walks now take place in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The Wendy Walk’s Twitter account offers updates on fundraising and events while also spreading news on advances in liposarcoma research and treatment. Check it out!

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For the Techies

If you’re into technology and Tufts, then you’re in luck. Tufts Technology just joined Twitter and Facebook and is filling the Internet with information on IT classes, helpful tips, fun apps, and more.

Their Facebook Page will light up your newsfeed with all things tech and Tufts while their Twitter handle will bring you interesting tech information from experts from sources like Wired, Mashable, and Lifehacker. Be sure to give them a follow and a like!

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When Amadou Crookes, A15, Nate Tenczar, E15, and Jake Rosenberg, E15, entered Tufts’s first ever Hackathon, they had no idea they would leave the 24-hour intensive programming marathon with the code to smartphone gold.

The three initially entered thinking they’d work on an iPhone game, but after one of their friends from MIT had a difficult time getting to campus and suggested Tufts make an app more like MIT’s, the group decided to work on a Tufts-centered app instead.  Together, they decided to create an app from which any Jumbo could easily access many necessities on their mobile device – an often arduous and frustrating task before the launch of their creation, iJumbo.

The group received rave reviews from the two professors and one industry adviser who made up the Hackaton’s panel, and after a summer of re-coding their work on a Mac, iJumbo was released this fall. Complete with news from the Tufts Daily, a campus map, Tufts Dining menus and nutritional information, Joey tracker, TuftsLife events, and Trunk, the app has everything a Jumbo could ask for. It has been rated 11 times in the iPhone App Store, averages a perfect five stars, and is touted by reviewers as being “better than fall ball” and “the most useful app at Tufts.”

Despite their success, the group keeps working to improve the app by adding more features to enhance the iJumbo experience. They’re also working on an Android version, which should be available soon!

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Activities Fair Photos

It’s that time of year again! With new and returning students back on campus, the university’s student organizations came together to showcase their groups. With more than 300 student organizations at Tufts, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved.

The Student Activities Fair took place yesterday on the res quad and groups were busy promoting their tables:


Tufts Observer's Instagram pic at the Activities Fair


Tufts Entrepreneurs Society posted a pic of their table on Facebook


The group posted a photo to Facebook of the Alpha Phi at Tufts table



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Summer Reading

In addition to these great reads brought to you by the Tufts community via Facebook and TuftsNow, The Fletcher School suggests a fun and different alternative to your summer reading: student blogs. In a recent blog post, they highlight seven blogs worth a read from students working and researching in places as far and wide as Uganda and Guatemala. They also included a note from a Elia, a student interning in Libya, who is witnessing history while abroad this summer:

In this moment of jubilation in Tripoli, let me wish all of you the chance to experience — either directly for your own country, or indirectly through friends — a peoples’ first opportunity at political self-determination.

No matter the likely political troubles ahead, no matter democracy’s many flaws, no matter how much of a transitional government this new government in Libya will still be, the weight of today’s simple exercise is source of immeasurable joy in its own for millions of Libyans. You just can’t put it in words.

Witnessing fellow human beings go through something like this is truly extraordinary.

–A European who never had to fight with guns for the right to vote for his leaders.

For more on the Fletcher School and their extraordinary students, check out their blog, follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.


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3Ps News

Pen, Paint, and Pretzels, Tufts’s umbrella organization for student-run performing groups, recently announced their Fall Major play on their new website. Day Father is their chosen piece, and it was written by Lindsay Carpenter, A13. She’s a part of Bare Bodkin, Tufts’s written theater student group. She was recently interviewed by the group on her successful playwriting efforts:

BB: How did Bare Bodkin get involved?

LC: At that point, the play was ready to submit to Bodkin. I got a workshop date, made some revisions and arrived not sure of what to expect. That was the workshop in which the play got its name, Day Father. I got the suggestion to work Lewis Carrol’s book Through the Looking Glass into the play in a more tangible way. Bare Bodkin, the group, was incredibly encouraging. They suggested I do another workshop and asked me about whether I had considered producing the play. I realized that I had the chance to get it onstage while I was still at Tufts.

Several revisions later I had the second workshop, and made a point to invite Cole Von Glahn, a member of Bodkin at the time, curious to see if he would be interested in directing the play. I remember staying after the workshop with several of the actors who had read the parts and listening to them discuss the implications of the play. The workshops have given me the opportunity to hear direct audience response in more depth than one tends to get when a play is produced. I have also gotten to hear from the actors who’ve played each role. I have heard how the actress playing Mother felt, or which sections the actor who played the Father wished were further developed.

From there, a few more conversations passed with Cole, I flew off to Dublin and when I returned the play had been passed by 3Ps. Now I get to sit and watch and see what happens.

Day Father will be directed by 3Ps secretary Cole Von Glahn,  A14, and will play from November 8-10. For more info, check the 3Ps out on Twitter and Facebook.

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Timeflies + Jumbo Alum = Hit

Continuing their reign of college airwaves and party hits, Timeflies recently delivered their second album to date, Under the Influence. The album is a six-track mixtape that samples artists like The Wanted and Adele in classic party songs like ‘Glad You Came’ and surprisingly touching ones like ‘Someone Like You.’ But the biggest treat for Jumbo listeners is their track ‘The Beginning,’ in which the boys sample the insanely talented Tara Vaughan’s, A10, ‘Better Versions.’ Recognize the voice? Then you probably heard Tara on the hill singing for Tufts SQ!

Support both Jumbo artists by downloading the mixtape here. For more on Timeflies, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Cookie Monsters

This past spring, the Tufts campus was hit with a new phenomenon: a cookie craze. Unlike some brief crazes that have swept our campus this past spring (YOLO, anyone?), the cookie madness is here to stay. Surprisingly enough, the operation is a one-man show run by John, a RIT grad who bikes around campus delivering cookies, and is affectionately known to all Jumbos as the “Cookie Man.” The entire campus has adopted the Cookie Man and his Sweet Idea– he is now a part of campus culture. HerCampus Tufts praised his charm and good looks along with his cookies, Tufts Entrepreneurs Society invited him to speak at one of their meetings, and he even worked with engineering student and fan Simon Metcalf, E13, to ‘trick out’ his bike.

Needless to say, Tufts has fallen in love with the Cookie Man. Don’t believe us? Check out this video of the man himself breaking some Jackson Jills hearts at their last spring show.


Not convinced? Then check out this video of  Michael Rogove, A13, proposing to the Cookie Man.

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For Your Entrepreneurial Needs

If you’re ever in need of a fun entrepreneurial perspective with a Jumbo spin or an alumni role model, look no further: Tufts Entrepreneurs Society has just launched their first blog! The blog delivers a mix of information from articles to media from their meetings and activities. In their latest post, they honor the Tufts band Timeflies, while comparing the band to a start-up:

Music has always been an entrepreneurial experience. Musicians start with nothing, no sound, no template and create elaborate tones and melodies. Many bands and groups have come from Tufts but one of the latest we’d like to feature, on Startup Beats, is Timeflies. At Tufts Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick started a group called Timeflies. Before and while at Tufts both Cal and Rob (Rez) worked with many bands and technology making music. Rob was Music and Philosophy major and Cal a Music major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In addition to talent, bootstrapping and a unique branding tool lead to viral adoption of Timeflies.

You can also find Tufts Entrepreneurs Society on Twitter and Facebook.

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Tufts Orientation Helping Class of 2016 Get Ready

In less than two months the class of 2016 will arrive on campus and Tufts is well on its way in planning their official welcome. The Undergraduate Orientation Office understands that starting college can be a stressful time, so orientation coordinators have made an effort to reach out to 2016ers online. Their Twitter account offers these Jumbos information on everything from housing to advising, while also providing reminders for upcoming deadlines and helping connect the future classmates.

 The office’s Communications and Logistics Coordinator Audrey Abrell, A13, commented:

We hope to continue getting [the Class of 2016] excited about arriving to Tufts and keeping them informed about orientation. The students seem to appreciate that there are staff members online to answer their questions, and we hope that it encourages them to be proactive in preparing for Tufts.

The Facebook page is checked daily, Monday through Friday, so members of the Class of 2016 can ask questions online and get a quick response straight from the Orientation office. Bet these new Jumbos can’t wait for the fall!


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