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Growing Civic Fruit

What sounds more like Tufts than puns, civic engagement, and the environment? It won’t come as a surprise that Tufts alumni are essential to The Boston Tree Party.

The Party is a diverse coalition of organizations, institutions, and communities from across the Greater Boston Area coming together in support of Civic Fruit. We call for the planting of fruit trees in civic space and promote the fruits of civic engagement. Each community has committed to planting and caring for a pair of heirloom apple trees.

Three Tufts Alumni are leading the way at The Boston Tree Party. Lisa Gross is the Chairman and Founder, Maura Schorr Beaufait is the Chief of Operations, and Beth Nollner is Project Coordinator. Between them they hold degrees from Tufts/MFA, the Friedman School of Nutrition, and the Urban and Environmental Policy graduate program.

Check out this short documentary: “Growing Civic Fruit: A Documentary Film about the Boston Tree Party”


You can follow the Boston Tree Party on Twitter at @BostTreeParty

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Tufts Students Create Navlit

Entrepreneurs Kenny Cohen, A14, John Brennan, A14, Simmone Seymour, A14, and Mark Timmerman, A14, are responsible for the creation of a new social networking site with a differentiating selling point. Their website, called Navlit, is meant to create an environment where people can interact socially on the web while still tailoring their interactions to specific social groups – family, employers, or friends, for example. Don’t want to your friends to see that embarrassing baby photo your mom posted but still want to be connected to your parents back home? Navlit solves the issue for you by allowing you to manage your different groups and share specific information with each group. In their own words:

We believe that group collaboration on the web is broken. Up until now, groups didn’t have a place on the Internet to call their own, and individuals didn’t have a place on the Internet to manage their groups. We know what it means to be a part of many different groups, and we also know that more often than not, you only want to share something with a particular group. With Navlit, you’ll have a space to navigate privately between the different groups (or “fires,” as we like to call them) that define you.

Still in the beginning stages, Navlit is currently running in private beta. You simply need an email address to test it out, and those with .edu email addresses will get preference. Visit the site here.


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KSA Jedi Training

Tufts Korean Student Association (KSA) is more than just a campus culture group – their Big Brother/Big Sister program involves them with the Boston community as well. On a monthly basis, members of KSA are paired with children from Korea who have been adopted by American families for a day of cultural activities, crafts, food, and even, in the case of this video, Jedi training. Check out the video below for a fun look into the program and visit their website for information on how to get involved.



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Spring Fling 2012

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Whoizit Mobile App

Brett Andler, E13, is putting a new spin on a classic childhood game. Whoizit, the proposed name of his project submitted to Startup Weekend Boston, uses your Facebook friends to create a mobile app version of the board game Guess Who? The original game involved guessing a fictional character by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions and narrowing down the options. Instead of a fictional character, Whoizit will take a randomly selected mutual Facebook friend from two competing players and have them guess who it is using the same method as the game. The online app would be a way to connect with friends, find out new things about people, and share inside jokes or memories. Whoizit won the Audience Choice award at Startup Weekend Boston and is now working on raising funds through Kickstarter to make their proposal a reality. You can watch their YouTube video explaining the app in their own words below:

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Tufts School of Medicine Multicultural Show

Last month, the Tufts School of Medicine posted videos on YouTube of their annual Multicultural Performing Arts Show (MPAG), hosted by the university’s Office of Multicultural Affairs. The show consists of students and professors putting on performances for the rest of the student body in an effort to raise funds for college diversity scholarships for high school seniors in the Boston area. Here’s one performance from this year’s show, but make sure to visit their YouTube page for more videos.

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Tufts Japanese Culture Club remembers earthquake

March 11th marked the one year anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake in Northern Japan. To demonstrate their remembrance of the devastating event, as well as their continued support of its survivors, the Tufts Japanese Culture Club put together a video that compiles existing video footage of the earthquake aftermath coupled with information on both the effects and JCC’s efforts. You can visit their website to learn about what they’re doing to show their support, as well as watch the video below.

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Empowering Egyptian Women Through Song

“A cultural exchange program-meets-American-Idol” is how Laila Selim, A10, describes a project she is working on in Egypt. Collaboration between American company Share the Mic, Egyptian company Nile Promotions and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo has resulted in a program to “support Egyptian women’s right to be heard.”  “Sing Egyptian Women” is a competition to find the best singer in Egypt, while giving the finalists training in leadership communication and music along the way.

The competition has narrowed to 16 singers. Visit the Facebook page for “Sing Egyption Women” to meet the contestants and vote for your favorite.

“Sing Egyptian Women” has also garnered attention from The Huffington Post and Ahram, the most widely circulated newspaper in Egypt.

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Your Photo Could Be Our Cover Photo

You’ve probably already switched your Facebook profile to timeline, but Facebook is now rolling out timeline to pages. We are getting ready to make the switch on the Tufts University page, and just as you may have agonized over your cover photo, so are we. We need an amazing cover photo that shows off Tufts and we thought that students, alumni, staff, and faculty might have just the right picture.

Just post your photo to the Tufts Facebook page wall. We’ll move the photos into a contest album and the photo with the most likes will be our very first cover photo. Don’t worry – any likes that the photos get while on the wall will be counted in the final tally. We know that the cover photo spot isn’t the easiest to fill, so if you have a great photo that doesn’t fit the cover photo specs, you can submit it as a profile picture.

We’d love to have photos from all campuses and schools, from students, staff, and alumni. So get shooting! Your photo could be our very first Facebook cover photo!


  • Post your photo to the Tufts University Facebook page wall by next Tuesday, March 13
  • The ideal size for cover photos is 850 x 315
  • The ideal size for profile photos is 180 x 180
  • Photos will be moved into the contest album
  • Vote! And get your friends to vote! Whichever photo has the most likes (we’ll tally likes on both the wall and in the album) will be our very first cover photo

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EPIIC on the Web

The 2011-2012 EPIIC symposium, a four day event that took place from February 22 to 26,  was comprised of lectures and panels discussing various aspects of this year’s subject, “Conflict in the 21st Century,” and was put on by the Tufts Institute of Global Leadership. While tickets to the full symposium could run up to $75 a pop (the price was largely discounted for Tufts students and alums), the IGL made it possible to stay in the know no matter where you were, both during and after the symposium. You can scroll back on their twitter account to check out great EPIIC quotes or see their Flickr albums for photos of the many events and speakers.

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