Why Tufts Dental?

Meghann Dombroski, D10, has quite a few reasons why she chose Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. But she may say it best when she notes, “The feeling I got when I interviewed here, I instantly felt at home.”

Each year, about 180 students join Tufts Dental School from all over the country. Located in Boston, the school offers a wide variety of programs including endodontics, periodontology, general dentistry and public health and community service.

In the video below, Meghann talks in detail about why and how she chose Tufts:

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For Me For Me Formidable

Tufts in Talloires is a summer program offered for Tufts students to spend six weeks in the beautiful French alps studying a variety of subjects including botany, literature, language and international relations.

The students live with French host families as part of a homestay experience. Living with a family is a great way to experience and appreciate everyday French life, culture, authentic cuisine and French customs.

Check out this a video of the Tufts in Talloires Priory Staff practicing “For Me For Me Formidable” to perform at the Host Family Talent Show and Reception:



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What’s on Your Plate?

Ever wondered how the Tufts dining centers actually manage to get all the delicious foods you love onto your plate? Watch this video made by Tufts students Austin Bening, A13, Jake Hellman, A16 and Maya Navon, A15, for a behind-the-scenes look!

For more information on Tufts Dining, check out their tumblr.




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House of Cards

Looking for a new show to watch? Netflix’s new original series, House of Cards, is actually based on a book with the same name by Fletcher alum Michael Dobbs, F72, F77. Dobbs published House of Cards in 1989, as the first of a trilogy and in the early 90’s all three novels were turned into a BBC miniseries.

Dobbs attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and graduated with an M.A., M.A.L.D, and PhD in nuclear defense studies. A native of England, he returned there after graduation and became involved in government as a member of the Conservative Party. He later became a a full-time writer.

Check out the trailer for the American adapted House of Cards:

For more interesting Fletcher tidbits, visit here.

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A Trip on the ‘Bubs Time Machine

If we were to go back 30 years and find ourselves on the Tufts campus, we would definitely see many changes. Hairstyles, clothing, and even architecture would be radically different. Yet one important piece of Tufts would not be much different: The Beelzebubs.

As Tufts’s oldest all-male a cappella group, the ‘Bubs have maintained their incredible vocals, funky style, and commitment to their performance over time. And to prove it, here’s a video of the ‘Bubs performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 1983, the same year the song was released. It features soloist Martin Fernandi, A85, and was captured by Alan Drinan, A66, and posted on YouTube by Daniel Lichtenfeld, A84–all ‘Bubs alums. Check it out:

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South Hall Open Mic Night

Last Friday, South Hall, a dorm on the Tufts Medford Campus, hosted an Open Mic Night.

Watch the video below to see some talented Tufts students who performed. This student group, called “Snap, Crackle and Pop,” performed a cover of the song Always Coming Back Home to You originally by Atmosphere.

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Tufts Elementary Education Program

The Tufts Elementary Education Program released a new video that talks about their new emphasis on teachers who focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in elementary schools. This program aims to equip these new teachers with the best tools in the STEM areas, so that when they start in elementary schools they can become useful resources for the other teachers.

Check out this video and for more information, visit their website.


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Founded by Steve Clay, A90, JumboCast is a student sports webcasting organization that streams videos of student sports games with live commentary. Tufts Daily recently featured a video on JumboCast, to offer an inside look into “one of Tufts lesser known clubs” on campus.

To learn more about JumboCast, what they do and who they are, check out the video below and visit their website.

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Welcome to the Tufts LGBT Center

The Tufts University LGBT Center is kicking off the semester with an inside look into their cozy, safe space. From cookies on Mondays to their HD TV and private study rooms, the Center is decked out and ready for the spring! Check out their video below to see what they’re all about.

The LGBT Center is part of the Group of Six and works collaboratively with many groups on campus to provide education on the value of different identities and ensure that bias of any form does not undermine the academic, personal, or professional experience of any member of the Tufts community.

The LGBT Center is available to anyone  interested in learning more about LGBT-related subjects or issues of sexual and gender identity. It seeks to support and celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identities while maintaining LGBT visibility on campus and providing campus-wide education.

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Tufts Hybrid Racing is Back!

The Tufts Hybrid Racing team is excited for 2013, and especially to get back to work on their race car, the THR 13.

The team was founded in 2008 under the leadership of Matt Liberatore, E09,  and with support from School of Engineering Dean’s Office and the Peter and Denise Wittich Family Fund for Alternative Energy Research. They have competed in the annual Formula Hybrid competition, where university students design, build, and race high-performance hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Tufts Hybrid Racing team created this short promo video during winter break to get everyone excited and ready for the work ahead. Check it out!




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