Empowering Egyptian Women Through Song

“A cultural exchange program-meets-American-Idol” is how Laila Selim, A10, describes a project she is working on in Egypt. Collaboration between American company Share the Mic, Egyptian company Nile Promotions and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo has resulted in a program to “support Egyptian women’s right to be heard.”  “Sing Egyptian Women” is a competition to find the best singer in Egypt, while giving the finalists training in leadership communication and music along the way.

The competition has narrowed to 16 singers. Visit the Facebook page for “Sing Egyption Women” to meet the contestants and vote for your favorite.

“Sing Egyptian Women” has also garnered attention from The Huffington Post and Ahram, the most widely circulated newspaper in Egypt.

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Tufts Alum Shoots (and Scores) Basketball Documentary

Filmmaker Nathan Brigham, A05 has combined his prowess for creating films and his love for sports into a meaningful project. “Summer at the Dome” is a documentary that follows Baltimore City high school basketball teams that plays in the Craig Cromwell League at “The Dome.” This league not only has fierce competition, but it keeps kids in a safe, friendly environment rather than on the often dangerous streets of the city. The purpose of Brigham’s documentary is to generate greater awareness of this league, thus securing necessary funding. Brigham explains on the official website of the documentary:

The film will be geared towards residents of the greater Baltimore area and passionate fans of high school basketball.  More than a highlight reel of street-ball, the film aims to tell the human stories of this extraordinary league and community. For many young people, basketball is a positive alternative to time on the streets and a possible doorway to college. The Craig Cromwell League supports those efforts by providing a bridge to school year teams through the summer months. With Coach Wells and league’s funding not guaranteed each year, I hope to present a film showing the positive impact the league has on the young people of Baltimore.

And here’s some footage from the upcoming documentary:

Summer at The Dome (Teaser) from Nate Brigham on Vimeo.

Brigham’s personal portfolio website, On Three On Three, features other multimedia projects as well. You can also follow the filmmaker on Twitter.

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Tufts Tae Kwon Dos and Don’ts

An immensely popular activity for many Tufts students, the Tufts Tae kwon Do Team is at it again with a new demo video. Current President Hyomi Carty, A’12, demonstrates to a crowd of parents how to properly spar with an awesome tenacity.

For more information regarding how to get involved, feel free to check out their website here.


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Tufts Grads put the ‘Fond’ back in Fondue

Slow Foods, an international non-profit organization that specializes in the defense of environmentally friendly, great tasting food, has had quite an influence on some Friedman School foodies. This past November, Elaine Siew, N12, took pleasure in hosting a Swiss-style fondue adventure for her fellow Slow Foods members. On the Slow Foods Tufts Blog, she explains in detail the assortment of cheese and chocolate fondue cooking options that seem to be both titillating to the taste and fun for groups of friends to share together. She describes the experience as:

a beautiful evening celebrating everything that is good and right about Swiss cheese, and proving yet again that you can never, never have too much cheese.

For more words of wisdom from Slow Foods Tufts, be sure to check out their blog for regular updates!

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50 Back – The Brew of the Brave

Kimberly Rogers, A’86, along with Paige Haley have found a way to creatively combine their love for beer with a patriotic cause. The two entrepreneurs are the creators of 50 Back – The Brew of the Brave. Fifty percent of the proceeds acquired through purchases of this New England lager goes to charities that support the military, such as Homes for our Troops and USO. On their website, they describe the birth of their charitable idea:

50 Back Fine Beer Purveyors was born from the desire of founders Paige Haley, Kimberly Rogers, and others to say “Thank you” to all of the United States’ active troops and veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much to protect our nation and the freedom for which it stands.

You can make a donation to support our troops here. Be sure to follow 50 Back on Twitter and check out some cool photos on their Flickr.

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Journalist Jumbos Abroad

A life-changing part of the college experience for the average Jumbo is the semester or year abroad. With the many opportunities offered by Tufts Programs Abroad, students dive head first into new languages, cultures and adventures. This semester while studying in Chile, Nina Arazoza, A13, took a stab at journalism by writing for the Santiago Times, the first English-language online newspaper in Chile and premiere English-language online periodical in the country. Her writing covers everything from new legislation to art and culture fairs:

This weekend marks the final days of the 38th Annual International Showcase of Traditional Crafts in Chile’s capital. For the past two weeks, over 130 artisan workers have set up camp in the Parque Bicentenario in Santiago’s upscale borough of Vitacura […] The showcase offers a variety of artisanal crafts and religious goods including textiles, woodwork, ceramics, copper, silver and gold jewelry, baskets of all kinds and more from across Chile and over 15 nations. Kenya, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Guatemala are among the countries represented at the fair.

Last semester, Dana Burton, Amira Mattison, and Chelsea Trunk, all A12, also sunk their teeth into journalism… in Spain. They created a video recording their favorite places to eat in Madrid. You’ve been warned: watching may induce extreme hunger and jealousy! If Spanish isn’t one of the languages in your repertoire, just note that in Horno de Pastelleria America, they make truffles that are the size of your fist!

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Need Housing? JumpOffCampus!

The frustration of finding off-campus housing may soon prove to be less overwhelming for Tufts students. JumpOffCampus, an online resource dedicated to helping students discover off-campus housing with ease, has recently launched a newly revamped website.

Founders include Mark Abramowicz, A10,  Kyle Nichols-Schmolze, E11, and TimeFlies’ Cal Shapiro, A11. The brainchild of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies minor and a computer science project, JumpOffCampus has won the trio third place in the 2010 Tufts University Business Plan Competition and a finalist spot in the 2011 Mass Challenge Business Plan Competition.

Be sure to check out their recent interview on Mind Your Own Business on Mass Challenge. You can also follow JumpOffCampus on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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Tufts University: A Site for Sore Eyes

It’s not surprising to anyone who has visited Tufts University to hear the warm accolades the university receives for its beautiful campus. From the one-of-a-kind view of Boston to its renowned winter aesthetics, the university never ceases to impress visitors and residents alike.

Yee Hui Tan, ’14, has recently added to the collection of Tufts photos, along with a novel idea…

i’m only half-kidding but i’ve been thinking of setting up a group for people to watch the sunset together – friends, strangers, whatever. there would be no awkward forced mingling or small talk, because witnessing a sight like that, in the presence of such glorious, such marvelous light, you really don’t need to say anything.

You can also find more Tufts-related photos here.

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Andy Hart, A01, assistant editor of Patriots Football Weekly (the official publication of the New England Patriots), now co-hosts Patriots Pregame Social, a new web-based weekly pregame radio show that allows listeners to interact via social media.

According to SportsBusinessDaily, “The team averaged 3,000-4,000 live listeners and 50,000 on-demand listeners for the first four broadcasts.” The show is prominently featured on the Patriots’ Facebook page.

You can also read Hart’s posts on the official Patriots blog.

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The Compass Fellowship at Tufts University

Compass Partners’ Compass Fellowship, supported by the Kenneth Cole Foundation, recently announced the 2011-2012 Tufts Mentors. The Compass Fellowship aims to engage and support social entrepreneurs in their endeavors as undergraduates.

The Compass Fellowship has notable partnerships at Tufts University through The Gordon Institute, along with Georgetown, American, and various other socially cognizant institutions.

Late this summer, Compass Fellow Jack McDermott, A14, launched Balbus Speech’s mobile app Speech4Good. According to McDermott, Balbus Speech…

…looks to connect, support, and inspire people who stutter across an online community of speech therapy. We believe that connective technology can be harnessed to meet the needs of stutterers and therapists alike. We believe that, by uniting this technology with proven therapy methods, speech therapy can become more accessible, effective, and efficient. More than anything else, we hope to help people who stutter find their voice as I have found mine.

You can follow both Compass Partners and Balbus Speech on Twitter.


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