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Tufts Student Film Union

Calling all aspiring filmmakers! The Tufts Student Film Union (TSFU) is a new organization for students interested in every aspect of the filmmaking process, from directing to designing costumes. They’re looking to work on a variety of different projects in the coming year, and are hoping to reach out to a diverse group of undergrads. That’s why they’ve produced this humorous promo – in the video, you’ll meet the students behind TSFU and discover their quirky attitudes, friendly demeanors, and zest for all things film! Plus, they’ve got some awesome dance moves.

Check out the video below:


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Bauer Featured in WGBH Interview

Nancy Bauer, Tufts’ Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts and Sciences, was recently quoted in a story about women in the upcoming elections that aired on WGBH. In addition to her role as a Dean, Bauer is an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, where she has focused much of her teaching and research efforts on the intersection of philosophy and feminist ideals. She frequently teaches a course on Feminist Philosophy for undergraduates, and published a book on Simone de Beauvoir and Feminism in 2001.

The WGBH piece, entitled “Before the US Senate Debate: Tactics and Threats,” featured quotes from Bauer about the nature of women in politics and the double standards they face. She explained: “Men have a literal uniform that they can wear no matter what their profession is. However, women have no such uniform to wear when they are not literally wearing a uniform required for a job. So anything women wear seems to say something about who they are, what they value, what kind of person they are, and there’s just no way around it.”

Listen to the full interview here:


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Tufts Eco-Reps: “Shorter Showers Save Lives”

The Tufts Eco-Reps, a group of students who work to promote environmental sustainability around campus, have released a humorous video about the benefits of taking short showers. Of course, short showers help conserve water. The Eco-Reps take this idea one step further, though, by poking fun at all the things you might miss if you’re wasting so much time in the shower each day. Check out the video below:


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Alumni duo writes “Under My Skin”

Robert Sternin, A77, and Prudence Fraser, A77, are the writers behind “Under My Skin,” a  new comedic play that opened in Pasadena, CA last week. “Under My Skin” provides a humorous look at the healthcare industry, and – at its core – is a hilarious and sexy love story with some serious attitude.

Sternin and Fraser met in a directing class at Tufts in 1977, and moved to California upon graduation to pursue careers in entertainment. The duo has been married for 31 years has also worked on a host of different projects together. They’ve written for hundreds of different television shows, everything from “Three’s Company” to “The Simple Life,” and they were the co-creators and executive produces of “The Nanny.”

Sternin and Fraser wrote “Under My Skin” in 2007 and have taken it on the road for various readings and performances. Check out the “Under My Skin” blog, which includes tons of photos, reviews, interviews, and more!


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Student Research Trip to Burma

This summer, a few students from the Institute for Global Leadership’s program for Narrative and Documentary Practice traveled to Burma for 10 days. There, they worked with photojournalists Gary Knight and Philip Blenkinsop to put their learning and research into practice.

In this Tufts Daily video, you’ll meet a group of ambitious undergraduates who used the opportunity to interact closely with the Burmese people and carry out unique research projects. They also share some stunning photographs of the city, daily interactions, rituals, food, and nightlife they encountered throughout their travels.

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Tufts Spinjam

Every Thursday night, a group of daring students plays with fire–right on the Res Quad! The Jumbo Jugglers host Tufts Spinjam on a weekly basis, where they combine acrobatics, stunts, and intricate dance moves as they move rhythmically with fiery hula hoops, diablos, and a handful of other props. The club is open to anyone, and they often host introductory sessions before breaking out the fire. For some fun music and jaw-dropping stunts, the quad is the place to be!

Here’s a video from this week’s Spinjam:

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Maddog Classic

Rob Jacobson,  A16, is passionate about tennis: he’s played the sport competitively since age 12, and is a member of the men’s varsity team at Tufts. This summer, he used his love of tennis to give back to the community. As a co-organizer of the MadDog Classic, a large-scale tennis tournament for Chicago’s best young players, Rob was responsible for making sure that the event ran smoothly, and for soliciting and collecting donations of new or lightly used tennis equipment. In addition to organizing the tournament, Rob also got a chance to compete against other college-level tennis players.

Under Rob’s leadership – along with his twin brother, Nate – the MadDog Classic was a huge success this year. They received a record amount of donations, which were then passed along to the Chicago Park District. With Rob’s help, upstart tennis programs throughout Chicago are well-equipped to support children who want to learn the sport, but may not have the means to do so otherwise.

Rob explained: “The Maddog Classic has given me an outlet to share my love of tennis with less fortunate kids, as well as allowing me to give back to my community.”

Check out this video from the Maddog Classic:

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2012 Candle-lighting Ceremony

Legend has it that when Charles Tufts donated the land for the university to be built upon, he did so because he wanted to put “a light on the hill.” Each year, the newest group of Jumbos come together for the candle-lighting ceremony. This beloved Tufts tradition signifies the beginning of these students’ Tufts experience.

New and transfer students gather on the president’s lawn where a few candles are lit and each student then lights the candle of the person beside them. The candlelight slowly progresses up the hill until the whole lawn is lit. Coming full circle, this class will join together again the night before graduation and will once again put “a light on the hill.”

Check out some of these great photos we found on Instagram of this year’s candle-lighting ceremony:

I will put a light on the Hill #tufts2016




#tufts2016 coolest thing ever=candle lighting ceremony


Tufts class of 2016 #tufts2016 #candles


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Move In Day

The Class of 2016 is all moved in! Cars and trucks filled with furniture, clothes, and mini fridges made their way through campus and new Jumbos hauled boxes and bags up flights of stairs to meet new roommates and friends. We captured some great photos of the day as well as advice offered by alumni. Take a look!




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Tufts Music Apps for the iPad

By Kristin Livingston, A05. From the Fall 2012 issue of Blueprint.


Ever wanted to build a synthesizer? Or create your own digital drum set? Or learn how to sing without paying for voice lessons? There’s an app for that—or there soon will be, thanks to Tufts engineers and a pioneering course called “Music Apps for the iPad.”

Music Lecturer Paul Lehrman, AG10, and Computer Science Lecturer Ming Chow, E02, EG04, teamed up last spring to create a course that would foster musical composition and competition, teach the basics of music and mobile development, and hopefully create commercially viable apps, setting talented students on the path to early business success.

Funded by a grant from renowned piano makers Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc., the course, says Chow, was an instant hit. “It was filled within a few hours.” Over the semester, students spent 25 percent of the time working with local app developers and guest lecturers in music theory; the other 75 percent was spent on the coding. Final projects ranged from sound mixers to auto-soundtrack systems that can detect the mood of YouTube videos and suggest a soundtrack from a library of music.

Chow is very grateful to Steinway for opening up creative academic opportunities and hopes to repeat the course this spring. “I liked what Steinway was interested in: anything that can help facilitate the new generation to play music and share work with people all over the world.”

Take a peek inside the “Music Apps for the iPad” class:

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