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The Duck

Joe B. Sills, a third-year student at Tufts Medical School, won the Sycamore Review’s 2011 Wabash Prize for Fiction for his story “The Duck.”

Sills has an undergraduate degree in fiction from the University of Virginia, where he was a Poe/Faulkner fellow. He also won the Zoetrope Short Fiction Award in 2010 for his story “Rarities of Unfathomable Worth.”

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“Docappella” Sings for the Tufts School of Medicine Gross Anatomy Memorial Service

We all know that Tufts takes its a cappella very seriously, but what you may not know is that this passion has spread to the School of Medicine.

Earlier this month, Docappella performed at the Gross Anatomy Memorial Service, a chance for students to honor body donors and reflect on their experiences.

Here’s a look at Docappella singing the classic “Danny Boy,” written by Frederic Weatherly, as well as the gospel “Jordan River.”


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What is Tufts School of Medicine?

That’s the question. The answer is: This school was referenced during Final Jeopardy! in the episode of “Jeopardy!” that aired May 23.

The question read as follows:

In 1964 a dean at Tufts' medical school wrote a modern version of this, used at many medical school graduations

The answer?

What is the Hippocratic Oath

Watch video from the Final Jeopardy! round.

Now, bonus round…. who was the Tufts School of Medicine Dean to rewrite the Hippocratic Oath? Dr. Louis Lasagna, who passed away in 2003. (Watch this video tribute to Dr. Lasagna.)


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President Bacow: Under the Roof Tribute Video

Tufts President Lawrence Bacow was recently awarded the Under the Roof Leadership award for his work with the Somerville Homeless Coalition. This tribute video, presented by the Homeless Coalition, honors Bacow for his commitment to community service and active citizenship. As both an individual and the leader of the Tufts community, Bacow has taken a personal investment in getting involved in causes like the Homeless Coalition, and his initiative has inspired many others to do the same. Bacow explains the importance of the cause:

One way of measuring the justness of a society is [looking at] how it treats the most vulnerable among us…I think it’s important that we reach out, that we don’t turn a blind eye — that we try and engage, and that we try and help. And I am proud of what the university has been able to do to support the Homeless Coalition.”

Here’s the video honoring Bacow’s contribution:

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Visualizing Research at Tufts Awards

Recently, select Tufts students and faculty participating in research projects were awarded top prizes in the Visualizing Research at Tufts competition. Contestants of the competition, which was divided into categories of “Illustration,” “Photography” and “Non-Interactive Media,” used artistic mediums to capture their research.

The awards ceremony for the competition will showcase winning submissions and take place from 2-4 pm on Friday, April 29 at 51 Winthrop Street on the Medford campus.

A video of winning entries can be viewed here.

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Greening the Curriculum

Tufts graduate student Elizabeth Mahaffy (A’11) and recent alumni Joseph Cutrufo (A’10) created a video called “Greening the Curriculum.” The video, which was produced in partnership with Tufts Institute of the Environment for the Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute, features conversations with students on the Medford/Somerville and Boston campuses about integrating environmental issues into Tufts classes. Both Mahaffy and Cutrufo are of the Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning program at Tufts.

Here’s the video:

Greening the Curriculum from JD Cutrufo.


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Tufts Does Trivia!

Tufts grad students from a range of disciplines within the health sciences recently joined together for a night of trivia. A recent post on the Friedman School’s Slow Food Tufts blog tells of the event:

Here on the downtown Boston campus of Tufts, we have several separate schools full of grad students working towards degrees in the health sciences (nutrition, dentistry, public health, medicine, biomedical science, and more). While we all pass by each other in the library and around campus, it’s not often that we have events involving more than one school. This all changed on a recent Thursday night, when students from the Friedman, Dental, Medical, PHPD, and Sackler programs came together to test their trivia knowledge! With questions submitted by professors from various disciplines, as well as some pop culture and Boston-specific trivia, everyone had their chance to shine – and to be occasionally stumped.”

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The Sharewood Project

Medical students and doctors of the Tufts University School of Medicine are providing free health care to under-served communities in the Boston area through The Sharewood Project. Sharewood, located in the First Church in Malden, operates Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 9 PM and provides clinical care, case management, laboratory work, and other health care services for free and without a scheduled appointment.

Recently, the AsianBoston‘s radio station conducted an interview with representatives from the Tufts Medical School about the Project.

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Tufts and USDA on Preventing Eye Disease

Tufts researchers and the United States Department of Agriculture are exploring the connection between a healthy diet and healthy eyes. With a strong interest in the prevention of disease before its onset, Tufts’ Dr. Allen Taylor is seeking to understand why so many people confront age-related eye disease.

This video explains: “a person’s diet not only affects their weight or heart function, [but also] their vision”:


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Interview with Director of the Tufts MPH Program

Anthony Schlaff, the director of the Tufts Masters of Public Health program (MPH), is working to help Tufts students build advocacy skills. In an interview conducted by the Community Health Advocates at Tufts, Dr. Schlaff describes the skills most valuable in advocacy:

Doggedness – like I describe above. A willingness to do the research on both the content and the political process. Ability to be “personally political.” To be able to create relationships and engage with people as they expect to be engaged and in a way that allows for finding commonalities.


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