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Tufts Energy Conference, an annual event designed to “engage industry experts, policymakers, professionals and the rising generation of energy leaders in a thought-provoking and solution-based discussion on the pertinent challenges and opportunities facing today’s energy sector,” now has a blog. A recent post about climate and environmental regulation reads:

Like so often is this case with issues that suddenly come to the attention of Washington and the political dialogue even though they have been debated, researched, and analyzed for decades by academia, NGOs, and the private sector, the evolution, intention, and reality of cap and trade is quite a different story from that publicized by the popular media during the last few years.

The 6th annual Tufts Energy Conference will take place this semester on April 15-16, and will feature Suedeen Kelly, former commissioner with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).


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Garden Party

Slow Food Tufts blogged about the Nov. 24 party to celebrate the close of the season for the Friedman School’s student garden. The students in attendance cleared away old plant material and harvested veggies and built cold boxes to protect the garden during the New England winter.

One of the students who participated, Jeff Hake N11, co-taught the Experimental College on Emerging Alternatives in Modern Agriculture, which also featured a student garden on the Medford/Somerville campus. He helped prep that garden for winter, as well.

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From Farm to Table

On Dec. 14, four Tufts undergraduates will premiere their short documentary on local food, “From Farm to Table.”

A light-hearted look at one of the most important issues affecting Americans today, “From Farm to Table” will open your eyes to the food that’s growing all around you.

[UPDATE: 12/17] Watch the film:

Watch the trailer:

Among the initiatives featured in the film is Tufts’ New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

You can get updates on the film and details on the premiere by following the filmmakers on Twitter.

The song is “Farm Soundtrack,” an original composition by Ben Anshutz.

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Oh Man, I’m Thirsty

Students in the ExCollege class “Environmental Action: Shifting From Saying to Doing,” a course organized by the Office of Suatainability, put together short videos highlighting the pros of tap water versus the cons of bottled water. The idea is to reduce the use of disposable water bottles on campus by promoting tap water’s fresh, cool accessibility.

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The More You Know…

Josh Gates (A’99), the host of Destination Truth on the Syfy Channel, took a moment to give an energy saving tip as part of the NBC’s The More You Know campaign.

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Emerging Explorer

Environmental scientist Saleem Ali (A’94), professor of environmental studies at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, has been named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

Saleem Ali thinks like an environmentalist, a diplomat, a wealthy industrialist, an impoverished villager, a government regulator, a product innovator, and a father. To him, environmental conservation can succeed only if vying factions communicate and collaborate.

In January 2010, Tufts Institute of the Environment interviewed Ali about his work on the environment, his undergraduate experience at Tufts and his new book,  Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed and a Sustainable Future. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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Global Work Party

Afraid of climate change? Well, Tufts’ coed fraternity ATO isn’t, and they are partnering up with 350.org, a campaign for climate crisis solutions, to fight back this Sunday with the Global Work Party. Check out the event on Facebook to see how you can get involved to help weatherize ATO alongside HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team).

Volunteers will learn to work with caulking and spray foam to cut the carbon foot print of Tufts only “coternity.” It should be a good time to meet people, learn a little about the environment, and also grab some free food.


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