Tufts engineers take 2nd place at FAA Design Competition

Recent grads Cliff Bargar, E12, Will Langford, E12, Jeff Prescott, E12, and Nick Stone, E12, walked away with a second place award at the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Design Competition earlier this month for their Hungry Hippo-like design. For their category, “Airport Operations and Maintenance Challenge,” the competitors created a prototype, dubbed FODHippo, that would act as a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) removal system on airport runways. In the video below, the students test their design at Logan airport, demonstrating its ability for locomotion, navigation, FOD removal, and FOD storage.  The prototype was also created as part of their Tufts Mechanical Engineering Senior Design project in 2011.

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Admissions on Instagram

Tufts Admissions is the newest Tufts group to join Instagram. With Admissions joining Tufts University and Tufts Alumni, there will never be a shortage of Tufts photos to peruse!

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still see Instagram photos on the web using Statigram. If you’re taking photos of campus or life at Tufts, don’t forget to tag your photos #Tufts!

2007 Tufts Alumni have struck the cannon!


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Alum Develops Media for Children

Dr. Michael Robb, A02, has been working at the Fred Rogers Center to develop the online community Early Learning Environment (Ele). Ele is one of the only digital media resources created for children from birth to five years old. Using Ele, early educators and those who care for young children can find online and mobile educational activities especially designed for adults to share with children. Ele helps teachers and family members find different kinds of media to “learn about helping children improve their language and reading skills.” Dr. Robb says that “talking is teaching” and that their goal is to have people view media the same way they would view a book: as a way to spend time with and talk with a child.

Check out this video where Dr. Robb talks shares details about Ele:




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Teaching with Technology

Using technology in the classroom can be a great way for professors’ to keep students interested and engaged. Tufts’ Teaching with Technology Awards calls for students to nominate an instructor who they feel is “effectively using technology to support teaching and learning.” After nominations are submitted, judges determine the winners.

This video highlights the unique ways this year’s winners are using technology to teach every day here on campus:


The Teaching with Technology Award 2012 winners are:

  • Lee Minardi, Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering
  • Barbara Parmenter, Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Misha Eliasziw, Biostatistics, Public Health and Community Medicine, School of Medicine
  • David Hammer, Education, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Kris Manjapra, History, School of Arts and Sciences


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