Why Tufts Dental?

Meghann Dombroski, D10, has quite a few reasons why she chose Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. But she may say it best when she notes, “The feeling I got when I interviewed here, I instantly felt at home.”

Each year, about 180 students join Tufts Dental School from all over the country. Located in Boston, the school offers a wide variety of programs including endodontics, periodontology, general dentistry and public health and community service.

In the video below, Meghann talks in detail about why and how she chose Tufts:

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Throwback Thursdays

Recent photos on The Fletcher School’s Admissions Facebook Page interestingly compare the Fletcher of years ago to the Fletcher we see today.

With historic photos from the archives paired next to more recent photos taken today, these fun ‘Throwback Thursday” posts show that although Fletcher may look different over the years, the students still have the same passion and excitement for learning.

Check out this one “Throwback Thursday” post below, and for more photos check out their Facebook page.

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House of Cards

Looking for a new show to watch? Netflix’s new original series, House of Cards, is actually based on a book with the same name by Fletcher alum Michael Dobbs, F72, F77. Dobbs published House of Cards in 1989, as the first of a trilogy and in the early 90’s all three novels were turned into a BBC miniseries.

Dobbs attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and graduated with an M.A., M.A.L.D, and PhD in nuclear defense studies. A native of England, he returned there after graduation and became involved in government as a member of the Conservative Party. He later became a a full-time writer.

Check out the trailer for the American adapted House of Cards:

For more interesting Fletcher tidbits, visit here.

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App Your Way to Healthy Eating

Photo: iTunes

Taylor Salinardi, N12, has launched Bon’App, an app for Android and iPhone and on a website, that provides simple but necessary nutrition guidance.

It is a health app, that unlike many of the existing apps, goes far beyond just bringing up a nutrition label. Bon’App gives extremely detailed information on every food possible but does so in straightforward and easily understandable language. Furthermore, it allows users to personalize the information they receive based on individual health goals, restrictions and preferences.

The app works by using a strong visual: a battery that depletes as an individual consumes less-healthy items and also changes color from green to yellow to red. For protein and fiber, the battery starts empty and fills up as the individual eats towards the recommended amount of these items.

For more information about Salinardi and her app, check out this Friedman School blog post.


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A Trip on the ‘Bubs Time Machine

If we were to go back 30 years and find ourselves on the Tufts campus, we would definitely see many changes. Hairstyles, clothing, and even architecture would be radically different. Yet one important piece of Tufts would not be much different: The Beelzebubs.

As Tufts’s oldest all-male a cappella group, the ‘Bubs have maintained their incredible vocals, funky style, and commitment to their performance over time. And to prove it, here’s a video of the ‘Bubs performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 1983, the same year the song was released. It features soloist Martin Fernandi, A85, and was captured by Alan Drinan, A66, and posted on YouTube by Daniel Lichtenfeld, A84–all ‘Bubs alums. Check it out:

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The Wendy Walk

In 2010, Ali Landes, A08, started the Wendy Walk with her two siblings after their mother, Wendy, was diagnosed with Liposarcoma. The Wendy Walk is the first event created that focuses exclusively on raising money for research of Liposarcoma, a rare form of tissue cancer.

Since 2010, the Wendy Walk has raised more than $1 million to fund research. Annual Wendy Walks now take place in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The Wendy Walk’s Twitter account offers updates on fundraising and events while also spreading news on advances in liposarcoma research and treatment. Check it out!

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Keeping up with the news, whether it’s politics, pop culture, or anything in between, can be tough, especially as a young professional on the go. Just ask Danielle Weisberg, A08, and Carly Zakin, two ambitious twenty-somethings who know that “skimming the headlines” can be confusing and difficult, particularly with the advent of so many online media outlets. Weisberg and Zakin decided to take on the responsibility of keeping their generation in the know: enter theSkimm, an innovative and fun take on the daily headlines with the promise of “we read, you skimm.”

Zakin and Weisberg met on a semester abroad in Rome, and they both worked at NBC after college. In an interview with Business Insider, they explained:

[theSkimm is] for someone who’s smart, career-minded, and social. They might be going to a cocktail party or wedding, where news stories come up in conversation.  We want our readers to be able to start the conversations. theSkimm is meant to be a confidence booster.

Weisberg majored in American Studies at Tufts, and has worked in broadcast journalism for NBC News, as well as in editorial positions at The Daily Beast and Boston Magazine.

For more information, check out TheSkimm on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure to sign up theSkimm, new editions come out every weekday.

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Alums Help Create Coldwave Beverage Chiller

Ever wish your wine was cooler? Your iced coffee more iced? Michael Easton, E08, and Nicholas Wong, E07, decided to tackle this issue by designing the Coldwave Beverage Chiller, a  pitcher that chills any beverage in under a minute. Designed to fit a single cup coffee maker, the Coldwave promises cold to ice cold beverages while preserving that delectable fresh-brewed flavor. The product is on sale now for delivery in May 2013, and buyers are encouraged to support the product through its page on Indiegogo, a popular crowd funding site.

Easton and Wong studied mechanical engineering at Tufts, and they work for IceColdNow, the company behind the Coldwave. Easton focuses on usability testing and marketing of the product, while Wong works on marketing and social media development.

For more information on the Coldwave, check out IceColdNow’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and watch this video below:

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Caroline Kaufman, N10: A “Sweet Foodie”

Looking for a food blog that’s mouth-watering, insightful, and all-things “sweet”? Caroline Kaufman, N10, has created a fun, easy-to-read blog that’s filled with cutting-edge nutrition information, healthy recipes, and beautiful photos.

Kaufman has a knack for taking sweet treats and changing the recipe a bit to make them healthier, but still delicious. In a recent post featuring gingerbread, she says:

The recipe is for a traditional gingerbread, made healthier with some whole wheat flour, canola oil, and applesauce to bump up fiber and take down saturated fat and cholesterol. The two teaspoons of ginger give it a spicy kick. This is not a sweet, sticky dessert cake. It’s much more about the molasses and spices.

Since 2008,  Sweet Foodie has helped Kaufman build an online presence and attract attention to her insightful healthy eating tips. The blog has achieved a large readership, as well as wide acclaim–it recently won awards for Nutrition Expert Blog of the Year and Top Blog of the Year from Around the Plate.

Kaufman received her M.S. in Nutrition Communication from Tufts’ Friedman School and currently resides in San Francisco, where she’s a registered dietition and freelance writer for a variety of publications. Her work has been published in EatingWell, Real Simple, and NY Metro Parents, among other sources.


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Austin Siadlak: An Inspiring Filmmaker

When Austin Siadak, A10, graduated from Tufts, he decided to pursue a different path than most of his peers. A post-college desk job left him hankering for more, so Siadlak promptly changed paths and found his home among the mountains and valleys of the western United States. A hiking and climbing enthusiast, Siadlak fuses his passion for the outdoors with his interest in videography by working for Seattle media company Duct Tape Then Beer, where he has created an impressive portfolio of short narrative films.

Siadlak’s latest film tells the inspiring story of Chris DeMartino, Jarem Frye, and Pete Davis, three disabled climbers who defied all odds by successfully summiting the steep, treacherous, and notoriously difficult El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park. Siadlak beautifully captures the impressive vistas of Yosemite–coupled with the raw anxieties of the three hikers–to give viewers a film that’s wrought with emotion, as well as uplifting hope for the future of disabled climbers.

Watch Siadlak’s video here:

Gimp Monkeys from ARC’TERYX on Vimeo.



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